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 Dr.Bob's AJAX in Action!
Dr.Bob's AJAX in Delphi section introduces Asynchronous JavaScript and XML techniques with practical examples using Delphi.

2007/03/13 - Using AJAX to Extend Delphi Web Applications
Learn how to extend Delphi Win32 Web server applications with AJAX techniques. After an introduction of the XMLHttpRequest JavaScript class (the core of AJAX), see a demonstration on how to extend a Win32 Web server application by adding dynamic lookup and filters as well as data entry input validation (using XML documents with validation results).
Deployment is discussed for both IE and FireFox as browsers.

You can now download the slides as well as the source code of this session. The video itself can be downloaded (when the conference streams are not used) from as a high-quality 1024x768 WMV file.

For more information on using AJAX with ASP.NET, see my Dr.Bob Examines article or my Advanced ASP.NET courseware manual.

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