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You can purchase your ESD copy of Delphi and RAD Studio, including subscription, from me directly. RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin consists of Delphi 10.1 Berlin, C++Builder 10.1 Berlin and HTML5Builder. Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is quick and easy - after payment has been received, you will get the download link plus serial number for the installation (within 48 hours, but usually within 24 hours after the payment has been done).

By using Bob Swart Training & Consultancy as your expert "MVP" reseller, you benefit from additional support by personal e-mail plus my Delphi Development Essentials courseware manual in PDF format. If you include subscription, then you also receive discounts on my courseware manuals and training courses.
The table below contains examples of the most common order items. Please make your choice and enter your order/delivery data on the next page. If you have other wishes, feel free to me; thanks in advance!

 Product Price ex.VAT  Order 
 Delphi Enterprise New User (3108) + Subscription (933)  4.041 Euro Order
 Delphi Enterprise Upgrade (1864) + Subscription (933) 2.797 Euro Order
 Delphi Professional New User (1243) + Subscription (373) 1.616 Euro Order
 Delphi Professional Upgrade (681) + Subscription (373) 1.054 Euro Order
   Delphi Pro Mobile Add-On Pack (621) + Sub (186)807 Euro Order
   Delphi Pro FireDAC C/S Add-On Pack (621) + Sub (186) 807 Euro Order
 RAD Studio Enterprise New User (3731) + Sub (1119) 4.850 Euro Order
 RAD Studio Enterprise Upgrade (2486) + Sub (1119) 3.605 Euro Order
 RAD Studio Professional New User (2247) + Sub (674)2.921 Euro Order
 RAD Studio Professional Upgrade (1350) + Sub (674)2.024 Euro Order

Note: de upgrade rules for Delphi and RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin have changed.
The indispensable Subscription has been included in all above orders already!

If you have an active subscription, you may want to consider renewing through me.
Do not hesitate to me for more information or advise; thanks in advance!

Please note that Delphi Professional does NOT contain the Mobile Add-On Pack or FireDAC Client/Server Pack.
You either need RAD Studio Professional (for Mobile) or Delphi Enterprise (for Mobile and FireDAC).

Special eBob42 offer: If you purchase an Embarcadero development environment in combination with subscription (=maintenance and support), you will get 5-15% discount on my Delphi courseware manuals in PDF format (5% discount for a Pro subscription, 10% discount for an Enterprise, and 15% discount for an Ultimate or Architect subscription).

Everyone who orders Delphi or RAD Studio from me will receive my Delphi Development Essentials PDF about Delphi 10.x (and FireMonkey), as well as my Delphi XE Development Essentials PDF covering the new features in Delphi XE (as well as Delphi 2010, 2009 and 2007, so an ideal way to step up from Delphi 7).

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