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Using the Execution Log
In the previous tip we learned how to set our Project properties to use the Execution log, so we can see the output from our programs. But that is not all the execution log can do for us!

Adjusting log properties
Go to the Execution Log (View | Execution Log), and right-click on the window and choose Properties. The following Log Properties dialog is shown:

Log Properties

Here is an explanation of the different options:

These settings will not affect the output when running our program, but when debuging our program. So the next time when we debug our program, the output shown in the Execution log window will represent the options we selected.

Saving to file
It is possible to write your own comments in the log window, and save the content of the log window to a file. Right-click on the log window and select Save To File....

Copying / cutting / pasting
Normal shortcut keys for copying, cutting, and pasting don't work in the log window. To perform these actions you must select the text you want and right-click with the mouse. Select the appropriate command from the popup menu.

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