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Organizing a project with folders
To organize our files in a project we can add folders to the project hierarchy. These folders have only organizational purpose, they don't represent real folders on a drive.

Adding a folder
To add a folder to the project hierarchy we click with the right mouse button on the project file:

Add folder to project

Then we select the Add folder... option. JBuilder will show a dialog in which we can fill in a name for the folder. After we close the dialog a folder with the specified name is added to the project.

Adding files to the folder
Now we have a folder in the project it is time to add a file to it.

  1. Right click on the newly created folder.
  2. Select the Add to folder... option.
  3. JBuilder will open a file dialog. We can choose a file to add to the folder.
  4. Click on the Open... button to add the file to the folder.

Graphics file added to project folder
Graphics file added to project folder

Removing files from a folder
To remove a file from the folder (remember the file will not be deleted from disk) we simply right click on the file and select Remove from folder.

Removing a folder
Right click on the folder and select Remove folder from the popup menu.

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