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 Mr.Haki's JBuilder Jar #38
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Looking at the class hierarchy
Java is an object oriented programming language. And when we develop our own classes we always extends from other classes (at least from java.lang.Object). This will result in a hierarchy of classes and it can be useful to look at the class hierarchy for our own classes.

Suppose we have created the following class which is extended from the java.awt.Label class:

  package com.drbob42.jbjar.tip38;
  import java.awt.Label;

  public class MyNewLabel extends Label {
(OK, it is very simple, but it is just an example)

Now we right-click on the Java source file in our JBuilder project and select the Class hierarchy option from the popup menu. JBuilder creates the hierarchy for the selected source file. The structure pane gets a new tab page with the class hiearchy shown. The following screenshot shows the resulting class hierarchy for our simple example class:

Screenshot of class hierarchy

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