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 C++Builder 4 Unleashed - Table of Contents
See Also: C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide for which I wrote six chapters, and C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide for which I wrote four chapters

You can order C++Builder 4 Unleashed from and (with significant discounts). Note that I get a small commission for each on-line order from my website (so thanks in advance for those of you who order(ed)).
Here's the table of contents. BTW, I've tried to indicate - with a star (*) - which chapters require the Enterprise edition - all other chapters are fine for the Professional and/or Enterprise edition:

Borland C++Builder 4 Unleashed

  1. Program Design Basics
  2. Creating Components
  3. Advanced Component Creation
  4. C++ Templates
  5. Threads
  6. Writing NT Services
  7. Using the RichEdit Component
  8. Fields and Database Tools
  9. Flat-File Real-World Databases
  10. Relational Databases
  11. Working with the Local InterBase Server
  12. InterBase Programming
  13. The Basics of COM and Type Libraries
  14. Creating COM Automation Servers and Clients
  15. Using C++Builder to Automate Word and Excel
  16. Internet Connection with C++Builder
  17. The WebBroker: CGI and ISAPI (*)
  18. WinINet and FTP
  19. DCOM (*)
  20. MIDAS (*)
  21. ActiveForms
  22. CORBA (*)
  23. C++Builder, Java and Delphi (*)
  24. VCL Graphics Classes
  25. Graphics Programming with DirectDraw
  26. More DirectX Technologies
I wrote chapter 17 and parts of 20 and 21 of C++Builder 4 Unleashed. As you can see from the above Table of Contents, 5 out of 26 chapters require the Enterprise edition; the other 21 chapters can be read with any edition of C++Builder.
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