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 Kylix Developer's Guide - Table of Contents
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Now available: Kylix Developer's Guide by Charlie Calvert, Marjorie Calvert, John Kaster, Bob Swart, and David Intersimone. The CD contains Kylix 2 Open Edition and a bonus chapter "What's New in Kylix 2", introducing the so-called "Snap" technologies in Kylix 2 such as DataSnap, WebSnap and BizSnap - see John Kaster's example.
I have written the entire "Web Server Application Development" part of this book, with a lot of focus on WebBroker. Three in-depth chapters about web server development with Kylix (using NetCLX, also known as WebBroker), namely: chapter 19 (Apache Web Server Applications), chapter 20 (Web Server Development), and chapter 21 (Advanced Web Server Development).
Bonus: a chapter about Kylix 2 BizSnap written by me!
    Kylix Developer's Guide
    Part I - Understanding Delphi and Linux
  1. Visual Development
  2. Looping and Branching, Operators, and Recursion
  3. Basic Pascal Syntax
  4. Objects and Interfaces
  5. The Editor and Debugger
  6. Understanding the Linux Environment

  7. Part II - CLX
  8. CLX Architecture and Visual Development
  9. Packages: Sharing and Reusing Code
  10. Creating Components
  11. Advanced Component Design
  12. Graphics

  13. Part III - Linux Systems Programming
  14. Console Applications, Memory Management and File I/O in Kylix
  15. Processes and Threads

  16. Part IV - dataCLX
  17. DataCLX Basics
  18. Working with Data-Aware Components
  19. Data Access Layer
  20. Creating a Real World Application
  21. Database Optimizations

  22. Part V - Web
  23. Apache Web Application Development - by Bob Swart
  24. Web Server Development - by Bob Swart
  25. Advanced Web Server Development - by Bob Swart

  26. Index
Kylix Developer's Guide

I have written the entire "Web Server Application Development" part of this book, with a lot of focus on WebBroker. I could have written even more, and in fact one of the final examples was clipped from the book (because of the length of the text), and will be made available on this website shortly.
Bonus: a chapter on Kylix 2 BizSnap written by me!

You can now order Kylix Developer's Guide from and (with significant discounts).
Note that I get a small commission for each on-line order from my website (so thanks in advance for those of you who order(ed) using the links above).

As you can see, I wrote chapters 19, 20 and 21 of the Kylix Developer's Guide (and I reviewed almost a dozen other chapters from the book).

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