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Structure pane icons
The following tables show the different icons which we can see when we have selected a Java source file in the AppBrowser window. Each icon is followed by a short description. We cannot find these icons and their descriptions in the JBuilder help file, but it can be quite useful to know what we are looking at.

Class - The class we are working on
Application - The Java application file we are working on
Applet - The source file is a Java applet
Native - The class contains native methods
Interface - Denotes an interface
Super class - The class our class is extended from

Method - Method inside class
Main - Method with the following signature to denote a Java application: public static void main(String[] args)
Init - Init method inside a Java applet
Native method - Method with the native keyword
Constructor - Constructor of the Java class
Overriden method - Method is overriden and this symbol indicates the different method signatures

Primitive data type data member - Data member with a primitive data type
Object data member - Data member with a class type, which isn't a primitive data type

Package - This package is imported in the class
Current package - The name of the package the class is part of

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