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Hubert Klein Ikkink (aka Mr.Haki) - Communications Officer
 Mr.Haki's JBuilder Jar #52
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Jump around, jump around!
jump up, jump up and get down... I believe it was Kris Kros who scored a hit with this song five years ago. Well in this tip we will jump around in our source code.

It was already possible to jump to a certain line in our source code in JBuilder 2. We had to select the Search menu and select the Go to Line Number... option. In the dialog window we filled in the line where we wanted to go to and after pressing Enter we jumped to the specific line.

We can still follow these steps in JBuilder 3 with the same result, but we can also use the shortcut Alt-G. And this shortcut makes a life a bit easier, because we can now simply use the keyboard (where our hands are when typing in source code!) to jump to a specific line in our source code.

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