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 Oracle Application Server and Oracle8i
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You would assume two complementing products of the same supplier, released during the same period, to be installation compatible. However, when installing the Oracle Application Server (I tried it in version next to Oracle8i (v8.1.5), a number of problems can occur.

The following tips are fairly obvious:

  1. Both installations need a different value for the ORACLE_HOME setting. This setting points to the root installation of your Oracle product, and is used by a lot of Oracle related tools. This includes the tools the OAS and Oracle8i use themselves. Make sure you set the DEFAULT_HOME to the product whose tools you'll need. That would probably be the OAS.
  2. Oracle8i as well as the OAS install a Java Virtual Machine, and Oracle specific class libraries. This can be a source of problems, especially in the OAS. Make sure the OAS finds its version of the Oracle class libraries and JRE before any possiby conflicting libraries. Be especially wary of CORBA class libraries, as most contain different versions of the classes in the 'org.omg' package. Because of possible Java conflicts, Oracle actually advises against installing the OAS and Oracle8i on the same machine.
The next one is less obvious: To be blunt: it seems a lot of things can cause the OAS to become unstable. Expect to spend a couple of days of your project on repairing your development server.
  1. Step 1: stop and start the OAS.
  2. Step 2: reboot.
  3. Step 3: remove all applications in the OAS, restart it, and install them all over again.
  4. Step 4: Lucky you, you get to deinstall and install the OAS again.

A couple of other nice Java and OAS "need-to-knows":

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