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 Dr.Bob's Third-Party Tool Reviews
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As you may note from this short list of developer tools that I've reviewed for my website: I don't do tool reviews that often. In fact, I feel that I can only truly review a development tool after I've used it for a while (in a real-world situation, i.e. for development work).
That's the reason why I will not (be able to) write a review about something that I've unpacked, looked at (for a few hours) and only played with, since that will not tell me (or you) what this tool is really worth or capable of.

Anyway, here are the reviews of the tools that I actually use:

TurboDB - dataWeb

TMS Software - IntraWeb Component Studio

Epocalipse SourceConneXion + PushOK version control software
Abakus VCL
Developer Express ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite with source

EurekaLog 6.x Enterprise
Raize Software CodeSite 4 Upgrade - US$ 99

CoreLab dbExpress driver for SQL Server + source code

CodeHealer 2.0 - SOCK Software

RemObjects SDK, Data Abstract and Hydra - RemObjects Software

Chrome - RemObjects Software

Data Abstract - RemObjects Software
TurboDB.NET - dataWeb
RemObjects SDK - RemObjects Software

IBM DB2 - International Business Machines
ProActivate - TurboPower Software

Essentials Vol.1 - TurboPower Software
OnGuard - TurboPower Software

Raize Components 1.6 - Raize Software

VisualPRO-1 - now part of Raize Components

Note that I've also written tool reviews that have appeared in magazines such as The Delphi Magazine or Developer Review, which are not republished here.

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