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TitleBorland Delphi How-To
AuthorGary Frerking, Nathan Wallace, Wayne Niddery
PublisherWaite Group Press
Comments Borland Delphi How-To is a very good book to read _after_ you've read some other (often introductionary) Delphi books and are ready to do some real world projects. The book consists of 113 problems with (detailed) solutions, divided and grouped into 12 chapters like Forms, Standard Components, Documents and Text, Mouse and Menu, Graphics, Multimedia, Environment and System, Peripherals, Database, OLE and DDE, The Polished Application, and some miscelaneous Tips and Tricks. All problems/solutions have a little indication about the complexity level (either easy, intermediate or advanced) to prepare the reader.

-- Bob Swart

A more detailed review has been published in the UK-BUG NewsLetter.

An excellent reference containing detailed, concise, self-contained solutions to over 100 common and not-so-common Windows development tasks in Delphi. Makes no attempt to teach Delphi, purely a problem-solver book. My personal favourite.

[Steve Troxell]

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