Delphi 1.x Books - 9/22

TitleDelphi Programming for Dummies
AuthorNeil Rubenking
PublisherIDG Books
Comments This book assumes nothing, only that you've got a computer and copy of Delphi (installed or not - it actually assists in installing Delphi). Neil believes that the best way of learning Delphi is by doing, so a lot of the stuff in the book requires you working at the computer. Not typing long listings of code, mind you, but simply dropping and arranging a component or two on a form, modifying a property or two, writing one or two lines of code, and presto a self-made Windows file editor, Towers of Hanoi puzzle, a database system, DDE or OLE links with other applications and so on. The book will make sure you get results right away, while you can learn the technical stuff later on - if you want to, that is.

-- Bob Swart

A more detailed review has been published in the UK-BUG NewsLetter.

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