Delphi 1.x Books - 10/22

TitleDelphi Starter Kit (= Delphi Programming Explorer + CD-ROM)
AuthorJeff Duntemann, Jim Mischel, Don Taylor
PublisherThe Coriolis Group
Comments This book is truly unique. It is written by three great authors in a way that is perfect for Delphi: first do it, and then find out why (or how) it works. That's exactly the way Jeff and Jim used to write the first 14 chapters of this book. Jim starts off by doing something with Delphi, and then (in the next chapter) Jeff comes along to explain the techniques behind it in his own unique style. The topics range from beginning to intermediate, and while the book is written in a very pleasant and easy way, the authors are never afraid to give you some additional technical information. Just when you think the book's over, Ace Breakpoint's Database adventure starts, by Don Taylor, describing a Delphi database design & implementation project in the form of a detective story.

-- Bob Swart

Note: this book and CD bundle may not be available in all countries.

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