Delphi 1.x Books - 11/22

TitleDelphi Unleashed
AuthorCharlie Calvert
Comments Charlie Calvert knows Delphi like no other, and what started out as a few example programs designed to highlight the programming environment, turned out to be a truly massive book. The book offers a relatively complete description of Delphi and its accompanying tools and language. Since the scope is so large, Charlie is both discussing introduction and more advanced techniques in this book. The introduction sections form a solid foundation for Delphi and especially Object Pascal, the advanced sections present ways to extend Delphi and your way of working with Delphi. Whether you need a solid introduction to Object Pascal or just want a some detailed database or multimedia topics, this book will be right for you!

-- Bob Swart

A more detailed review has been published in the UK-BUG NewsLetter.

An excellent and thorough overview of Delphi covering the IDE, Pascal programming, OOP and the VCL better than most books.

[Steve Troxell]

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