Delphi 1.x Books - 16/22

TitleInstant Delphi Programming
AuthorDave Jewell
PublisherWROX Press
Comments Dave Jewell has tried to include not only do-stuff but read- and reference-stuff as well, as compared to Delphi for Dummies. Each chapter has one or two main examples that are used to illustrate the points and issues that Dave focuses on in that particular chapter. This way, you slowly learn more while the example application grows with you. Further, each chapter contains some exercises at the end, a nice way to not only help the reader check if he truly understood the chapter, but also to challenge the reader to try some new stuff with Delphi. Instant Delphi is a good introduction to Delphi, the components of Delphi and Object Pascal. If you're starting with Delphi, or just want to experiment with Delphi, then this book will help you on your way.

-- Bob Swart

A more detailed review has been published in the UK-BUG NewsLetter.

A very detailed look at the Delphi IDE and component library, but very little on the Pascal language or "under the hood" programming techniques. A very good supplement to the product documentation. While less expensive than most books, other books cover the same ground about as well and provide more practical techniques.

-- Steve Troxell

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