Delphi 1.x Books - 22/22

TitleThe Tao of Objects (2nd ed)
AuthorGary Entsminger
PublisherM&T Books
Comments The Tao of Objects is in fact not a book on Delphi, but a book which sole purpose is to introduce and explain the concept of Object Oriented Programming, with examples using a lot of Delphi but also C++, Visual Basic and dBase. Most books on Delphi (or C++ for that matter) only have a little chapter that shortly describes the main features of OO and get it over with. Not in this book; the entire goal of this book is to teach you the philosophy behind Object Orientation, the history as well as the reason why it is a widespread method these days. If you feel you don't get enough focus on OO in any of the other Delphi books, and you feel you need to learn more about OOP, then this is the book to start!

-- Bob Swart

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