Delphi 2.x Books - 9/30

TitleDelphi 2 Tutor
AuthorMike McKelvy
Comments This is actually a book - CD combination, where text in the book is accompanied on the CD-ROM with a 640x480 screen, and a voice (that tells you the same, using somewhat different words). The speed of loading the 260 movie samples on the CD-ROM is a bit too slow (even on a P100 with 16Mb RAM) to be really pleasant to use. I skipped a lot of the movies (maybe that's why the subtitle is "Master Delphi 2 in an hour a day"; they just didn't include the total length of the period). And having Delphi 2 itself loaded while reading the book and watching the movies makes this even worse. The actual contents of the book and CD-ROM is not exactly world staggering either. It's a real fun approach to teaching, but after a few hours I long for a real hands-on "introduction to Delphi 2" book to get up to speed.

-- Bob Swart

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