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TitleDelphi 2 Unleashed
AuthorCharlie Calvert (with Mike Scott, Andy Fears and Ann Lynnworth)
Comments This book has changed since the first edition. In fact, primer chapters from the first edition are on the CD-ROM, so you can read them later. New in this edition are the new 32-bit Delphi 2 and Win32 stuff, such as OLE2, multi-threading, internet and Games SDK material written by Mike Scott (TeamB). The book was very quickly available after the launch of Delphi 2, and at least one of the chapter seems to suffer from that: the OLE chapter still contains references to 'old' methods no longer required. Also, it strikes me as odd to see a few chapters on Windows APIs that have little or nothing to do with Delphi (the chapter on Dialogs and Resources looks like C to me). Other than that the book is very complete! Even though this book may seem to have it all, the price is somewhat on the high side...

-- Bob Swart

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