Delphi 2.x Books - 14/30

TitleDelphi Programming Problem Solver
AuthorNeil Rubenking
PublisherIDG Books
Comments Delphi Programming Problem Solver contains material for both versions of Delphi. It is not a book about problems, but a book about solutions to those problems you often didn't even know you had. It assumes that you've read some books (or manuals) about Delphi, and are now ready to take on some real-world applications, with real-world problems. Problems that require real-world solutions. This is most welcome for most people who want more than just the basics of Delphi, and the reason why I believe that this (kind of) book will become very populair for real-world Delphi users! And if you read this book you will love every page of it. I was sad when I finished it and am already waiting for volume 2. This is the best Delphi book I've read so far. Period.

-- Bob Swart

A more detailed review is published in The Delphi Magazine issue #11.

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