Delphi 2.x Books - 24/30

TitleDelphi Component Design
AuthorDaniel Raymond Thorpe
PublisherAddison Wesley
Comments Danny has written a book on the WHY instead of just the HOW of Delphi VCL Components. He starts with a great chapter on Design, and then works his way thru most of the VCL architecture. His book is full with nice little sideway items that make the text more "alive" somehow.
Sometimes, the text is familiar, and actually based on the source code and comments itself (like for parts of the Open Tools API). Also, some things appear to be missing, like treatment of data-aware components. But the 300+ pages that are in the book are mosty pure gold.

I do recommend this book for everyone who seriously wants to design Delphi components, and needs to know the WHY behind the VCL architecture. And even if you're not a component writer: it's just a very interesting book to read!

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