Delphi 2.x Books - 30/30

TitleDelphi 2 Developers' Solutions
AuthorNathan Wallace and Steve Tendon
PublisherWaite Group Press
Comments Despite the title this book is not for Delphi 2 only (it was initially written for Delphi 1). The book is in Q/A format, which is nice. The level of the Q/As differ from topic to topic: most are at intermediate level, although some can be found in the Delphi manuals as well, only a few are more advanced or low-level. A big part of the book consist of printed listings (also on the CD-ROM), which is unpleasant to read.
This is not a bad book. The Q/A format is very useful. At $59.99 this book is far more expensive than the other Delphi Q/A books I have, and it's certainly not the best. I expect more from the upcoming Delphi FAQs by Mike 'DTOPICS' Orriss.

-- Bob Swart

A more detailed review is published in The Delphi Magazine issue #18.

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