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IMPORTANT: This program requires the VCL30.DPL and VCLDB30.DPL packages (not included)!! You can also use the 16-bit version (without packages).

The TableBob Wizard will generate Delphi source code to re-generate a table (in Paradox format), and optionally copy one or more fields from all the records in the source table (Access, Paradox, dBASE, etc.) to the newly generated Paradox table. Version 1.02 is now also able to convert a table to HTML webpages!
In the first page of the TableBob Wizard, you can specify the Database Alias and the (source) Table. You may need to logon to a database here, if needed.
In the second page of the TableBob Wizard, you get a list of all fields that are found in the selected table. Note that all these fields are selected by default, and you can manually specify not to include fields from now on.
In the third page of the TableBob Wizard, you can decide to let the TableBob Wizard generate source code for a Delphi unit (.pas file) or a new Delphi project (.dpr file). You can also specify here if you only want the TableBob Wizard to generate source code to regenerate the table, or also source code to copy the source table to the newly re-generated Paradox table.
Note that this last option is actually quite dirty, and does not use the BatchMove component (which is the general way to copy one table to another). I literally generate source code to re-generate each field in each record as an "AsString" value here. This means that this won't work for binary or blob fields, of course.


  1. If you discard fields that are part of indexes, you'll get an exception when trying to run the compiled generated source code (CreateTable fails).
  2. Fields of the following type will not get their values copied: ftBytes, ftVarBytes, ftMemo, ftGraphic, ftFmtMemo, ftParadoxOle, ftdBaseOle, ftTypedBinary and ftCursor (they also won't appear in the HTML pages).
Apart from the Delphi 3 version (which requires VCL30.DPL and VDLDB30.DPL), there's now also a 16-bits version (which is much larger, by the way).

TableBob is freeware, provided as-is, but use at your own risk (I cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong while using this tool), but I'm open to feedback, suggestions and other comments by e-mail to
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