See also my BorCon 2003 Report (with less pictures, but more report ;-).

The Delphi evolution for the .NET revolution


Swimming Pool


20th anniversary in 03

Lino Tadros

John Kaster

Bob Swart and Danny Thorpe

Nick Hodges

Anders Ohlsson and Lino Tadros

David I

David I - a long time ago

Dale Fuller and David I

Dale Fuller

Dale Fuller and Blake Stone

Blake Stone and David I

Dale Fuller, Blake Stone, Rick Nadler

Christine Ellis

Party featuring Corbin Dunn

David I

Blake Stone

Simon Thornhill

Blake Stone and Michael Swindell

Euan Garden and David Treadwell?

Euan Garden and Bob Swart

David Treadwell

Scott Bussinger and Bob Swart

Meet the .NET Team

Meet the .NET Team

Meet the .NET Team and Simon Thornhill

Michael Swindell and Ray Konopka

Simon Thornhill, Dave Marancik?, and Michael Swindell

Meet the .NET Team featuring Jim Tierney

Meet the .NET Team featuring Eddie Churchill

Meet the .NET Team featuring Chuck J.

Meet the .NET Team featuring Allen Bauer

Meet the .NET Team

Meet the .NET Team

Meet the .NET Team featuring Eddie Churchill

Bob Swart and Lino Tadros

Delphi 8 for .NET - it's Sweet

Bob Swart and Claudia Currie

Bob Swart and Allen Bauer

Liz Turnbow and Bob Swart

Joe Mayo, Bob Swart, and Corbin Dunn

Bob Swart and Mark Edington

Charlie Calvert and Bob Swart

Scott Bussinger, Charlie Calvert, and Bob Swart

Bob Swart and Paul Gustavson


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