Last updated: 1998/09/07

The following three session papers are written by Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob) and are presented by Micha Somers at the BDC'98 in Canada in September 1998:

 Title: Delphi ActiveForms
 Abstract:  This session will explain what ActiveForms are, and outline in detail how to use Delphi to write ActiveForms (Delphi Forms, wrapped as single ActiveX control), how to use the BDE with ActiveForms, and finally how to deploy them for use in Internet Explorer.
 Title: Publish your Data(base) on the Web with Delphi
 Abstract:  This session will show how to publish your data(bases) on the web using Delphi, illustrating techniques ranging from simple Table to (static) HTML conversion, dynamic HTML generation using CGI/ISAPI applications, and finally showing Delphi C/S Web Modules.
 Title: WebMaster Magic with Delphi
 Abstract:  This session will show some of the webmaster support tools I've written in the past few years with Delphi, such as a homepage hit counter, website guest book, broken link detector, search engine and automatic FTP uploader and downloader, all as standard CGI/ISAPI applications or by using WININET functions.

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