How to Create & Maintain a Website

Session for the SDGN Conference to the Point, Feb 20, 1997
Last Updated: 1998/01/01

Internet vs. Intranet

First, start with internal intranet to build experience. Also a good way to test and debug webpages as well as CGI scripts. Then, design and publish your internet website.


  1. Mission Statement
    What is the purpose of this website?
    Very important, as it defines the next two issues...

  2. Target Audience
    Members? Non-Members? Whole World? Family only?
    Advise: don't try too much at one!

  3. Source Material
    Logo, addresses (e-mail), "who/what are we?"
    Assign people to supply source material

  4. Some Rules of Thumb
    1. Homepage is most important page of website!
    2. Speed - not too many big images at homepage
    3. Speed - summary contents on homepage
    4. Speed - homepage links to rest of website
    5. Updates: Invite surfers to come back!
    6. Promote your site, (and make it good!!)


  1. HTML Basics
    • <HTML> html document </HTML>

    • <HEADER> header </HEADER>
      • <TITLE> Dr.Bob's Delphi Clinic </TITLE>
      • <META>

    • <BODY> body of document </BODY>
      • <B> bold text </B>
      • <I> italic text </I>
      • <Hx> Headers: </Hx>

        H1 Header

        H2 Header

        H3 Header

        H4 Header

      • Normal Text... (CR and LF are ignored!)
      • <BR> - single line break
      • <HR> - horizontal ruler
      • <P> - new paragraph

      • Lists: <UL> or <OL>
        1. One
        2. Two
        3. Three

      • Images (.GIF or .JPG)
        • <IMG SRC="sdgn.gif">
        • GIF: 16 or 256 colours, invisible background, animation
        • JPG: true colour, better compression

    • <ADDRESS> address for feedback </ADDRESS>

  2. Frames
    <FRAME SRC="../menu.htm" NAME="menu">
    <FRAME SRC="../home.htm" NAME="main">

    Your browser is incapable of showing frames (get Netscape Navigator 2.0+)

  3. Links
    1. email: <A HREF="">
    2. http: <A HREF="">
    3. ftp: <A HREF="">

  4. CGI Scripts
    Standard CGI (environment variables) and WinCGI (ini files)

    Debugging CGI Scripts: IntraBob v1.01


  1. Testing website with:
    • Netscape Navigator 3.x
    • Internet Explorer 3.x
    • Netscape Navigator 2.x
  2. Uploading
    • FTP by hand
    • FTP Automation (support for webmaster)
  3. Statistics
    • No statistics
    • Counter
    • own webserver (MS-IIS 3.0, NetScape FastTrack, O'Reilly)
  4. Promotion
    • E-mail sign-off: Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob -
    • Trade Links
    • Search Engines
    • Business Cards
    • Magazines, Seminars, etc.


  1. Webmaster
    One webmaster, with permission to act now!
  2. Check your links
    Broken link detectors...
  3. Frequent updates
    Monthly? Weekly? Bi-weekly?
  4. Predictable Refresh Rate
    To get a steady amount of users/hits...

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