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 Delphi Conference 1999
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The UK Inprise/Borland User Group and The Delphi Magazine are creating a major conference for professional users of Delphi. The two day DCon will be held at a location close to London's Gatwick Airport on September 20th and 21st 1999. Speakers will be leading international exponents of Delphi from the UK, Europe and USA and have all been especially chosen for their technical expertise and presentation skills. DCon will have three subject tracks: Essentials, Advanced and In Application.

At DCon99, I'll be doing a number of sessions:

Apart from these three sessions, I'll also participate in the following sessions:

The essence of the conference is leading-edge technical excellence at an affordable price, with the entire event focussed on enhancing and consolidating professional developers' skills. Whatever you do, don't miss this event!

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