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2007/03/12-16 - CodeRage 2007 Virtual Conference
From Monday March 12 until Friday March 16, you should set to time aside to attend CodeRage 2007 - CodeGear's Virtual Conference. With two streams and a total of more than 50 technical sessions, this is something not to miss. And the best part is: you can attend right from your own desk. No place, no train, no hotel (unless you want to, of course), but just the comfort of your own environment.
And the even better part: it's free! Plus if you register, you get a 25% discount on CodeGear products (like the Delphi 2007 for Win32 or Delphi for PHP for example).
As one of the virtual speakers at CodeRage, I'm now also an official CodeDude it seems. And this CodeDude has already recorded his session on Using Delphi (2006) to Extend Win32 Web Applications with AJAX, giving an introduction to what this AJAX "magic" is all about and how easy it is to extend WebBroker applications with AJAX by hand. I'm hoping to "see" you all online at CodeRage to participate!

Bob Swart Training & Consultancy is donating three (3) Delphi courseware manuals (in PDF format) plus source code etc. to three winners. Each winner can select one title from the available courseware offerings.

The names of the winners are:

I've contacted them by e-mail (although Nicolo Blunda's message bounced on me).

Dr.Bob's Delphi Clinic courseware manuals are typically 100-200+ pages and contain detailed information about a specific topic (like Delphi Database Development, Delphi ASP.NET Web Development, or Delphi XML, SOAP and Web Services development). SRP 195 Euro, or about 250 USD.

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