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Dr.Bob's Linux Lessons is dedicated to Borland Software Development Environments for Linux, such as JBuilder, VisiBroker and Kylix.
2003/01/01 - Linux Lessons is frozen...
 Linux ** Book Top 3 ** October 2002: 
  1Kylix Developer's Guide (SAMS)
  2Professional Linux Programming
  3Linux Socket Programming
As of 2003, the Linux Lessons section of Dr.Bob's website is frozen, and will no longer updated. For the latest Linux related news, check out the Kylix Kicks section of this website for more information...

2002/11/07 - Kylix 3 C++ Seminar
Join Borland and IBM for a free one-day technical Seminar (in the USA), customized for software professionals who are interested in leveraging the power of C++ on Linux. Get the details and register here for the events in Chicago (Nov 14) or Washington (Nov 19).

2002/10/07 - IBM DB2 and Borland Zone
A new portal has been created to support the cooperation between IBM's DB2 and Borland's RAD development evironments such as Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix.

2002/08/19 - IBM's DB2 with Borland's RAD Tools
IBM and Borland will team-up and bundle trial editions of Borland's RAD tools with IBM's DB2 and vice versa. IBM will bundle Borland's Delphi 7 Studio Architect, C++Builder Enterprise and Kylix Enterprise 30-day trial versions with the most current version of DB2 Universal Developer's Edition and Personal Edition.
Borland will offer DB2 Universal Developer's Edition with Delphi 7 Studio Architect and Enterprise, C++Builder Enterprise and Kylix. Borland said bundling would begin "later this summer".

2002/07/28 - IBM and Linux are Microsoft's biggest threats
According to The Registry USA, Microsoft feels the combination of IBM and Linux represent a threat and inspiration.

2002/07/24 - Borland Kylix 3 Announced
Borland has announced Kylix 3 - the Delphi and C++ IDE for Linux. Apart from the press release, there's now also Kylix 3 information available in PDF-format, such as the Data Sheet, the FAQ, the System Requirements, the Features & Benefits, and the Feature Matrix itself.

2002/07/23 - Kylix 3 will be Announced shortly
According to eWeek and The Register, and InfoWorld Borland is about to announce Kylix 3 - containing both a Delphi and C++ IDE for Linux. With Kylix 3 we will be now also be able to write C++ applications for Linux, using CLX to turn them into cross-platform applications (for Kylix 3 and C++Builder 6), apart from the usual cross-platform Delphi/ObjectPascal applications (with Kylix 3 and Delphi 6).
Kylix 3 information is now available on the Borland website

2002/04/23 - WASP 3.1 Java for Linux
Wasp 3.1 is a Static error checker. Wasp is able to detect subtle run-time errors and weak points in Java programs. User interface is more simple and comfortable than in previous Wasp 3.0 version. Facilities to launch Wasp for a program list are introduced. You can now download a free Wasp 3.1 Lite version for a try-out.

2001/11/30 -
Borland, IBM, Merant, QNX Software Systems, Rational Software, RedHat, SuSE, and TogetherSoft today announced the formation of, an open consortium of providers of development tools that manages the Eclipse Platform, which is being made available in open source under the Common Public License. These companies, each of which plans to release Eclipse Platform compatible product offerings, form the initial board of directors.

2001/11/14 - Firebird 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1
The Firebird project is proud to announce the availability of Firebird relational database engine version 1.0.0 - Release Candidate 1. Currently the win32 and linux binaries are available (RPM packages were built and tested on SuSE 7.2), other platforms are expected to join them in the near future.
This release was built from code which has been subjected to extensive cleanup, bug-fixing and beta testing during the year between the release of the code and this release. The On-Disk Structure is still ODS 10 (certain enhancements requiring changes to the ODS have been deferred to a future release).

2001/11/13 - Microsoft: Linux is the Thread
"Linux is the long-term threat against our core business. Never forget that!" writes Microsoft Windows Division VP Brian Valentine in a confidential memo to his Sales, Marketing and Services Group - obtained by The Register.

2001/10/27 - Red Hat Linux 7.2 shipping
The latest release of Red Hat Linux (version 7.2) is now also available for purchase from Red Hat Linux 7.2 and Red Hat Linux 7.2 Professional (with a nice discount).

2001/10/24 - Kylix 2 Announced (and Kylix 1 Patches)
Borland has just announced Borland Kylix 2, the first RAD development environment to deliver web services for Linux, and other new features such as BizSnap, WebSnap, DataSnap, VisiBroker 4.5, and more. Kylix 2 will be available in three editions: Kylix 2 Enterprise, Kylix 2 Professional, and a Kylix 2 Open Edition (available later in Q4).
At the same time, a number of patches have been made available for Kylix 1. See Dr.Bob's Kylix Kicks for more information and updates of Kylix, as well as some upcoming articles using the 60-day trial of Kylix 2 Enterprise.

2001/10/22 - Red Hat Linux 7.2 available
Red Hat has just released Red Hat Linux version 7.2, available for download (more than 1000 RPMs in 900 MB) or purchase from their website.

2001/10/17 - Caldera Certifies Kylix on OpenLinux
Caldera has announced Borland's certification of Kylix 1.0 with OpenLinux Workstation 3.1.1. Certification of Kylix on OpenLinux removes yet another restrictive wall in the software industry by bridging the development worlds between Windows and Linux.

2001/10/15 - MySQL 4.0
Version 4.0 of MySQL database is now available for download at the MySQL website. For normal internal use, MySQL costs nothing. However, a license is required if (for example) you have a commercial application that ONLY works with MySQL and ships the application with the MySQL server.

2001/10/12 - Linux Libraries (and Kylix)
Danny Thorpe (Delphi/Kylix R&D) has written a very instructive article on the Borland Community website about Linux libraries. Basically, the Linux module loader doesn't provide a way for shared object libraries to indicate that they were unable to successfully initialize themselves. Danny explains how this affects your Kylix applications.

2001/10/04 - Mandrake Linux 8.1
The latest release of Mandrake Linux 8.1 is now available for download or order in a number of packages. I've just pre-ordered my own Mandrake Linux 8.1 3 CD set.

2001/08/28 - Web Services for Linux
Borland will provide Web Services support for Linux with "a RAD solution for Web Services that will expand the Internet capabilities of Apache web servers and applications for Linux using the Borland Kylix RAD development platform."
In other words, we'll probably see an announcement for Kylix Enterprise or something along those lines, with XML/SOAP/WSDL support in Kylix just as we can find in Delphi 6 Enterprise today.

2001/08/10 - Kylix Open Edition
In this article on the Borland Community website, Danny Thorpe of Delphi/Kylix R&D responds to newsgroup questions about the Kylix Open Edition's mandatory splash screen.

2001/06/05 - RAD Programming on Linux
Ray Lischner, author of Delphi in a Nutshell, will be performing a RAD Programming on Linux session featuring Kylix at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

2001/05/30 - Borland promotes Cross-Platform Development
In a press release, Borland promotes cross-platform Windows (with Delphi 6) and Linux (with Kylix) application development. The main reason for the attention is the special promotional pricing for Kylix Desktop (which lasts until August 23rd), which coincides with the release of Delphi 6.
I expect a number of white papers on Kylix/Delphi cross-platform development using CLX to be published shortly.

2001/05/23 - Kylix Desktop price down to $199
For a limited time only, the price of Kylix Desktop Developer has been cut down to $199 (compared to $999 previously) until 29th August 2001.

2001/05/18 - TurboPower SysTools for Kylix
TurboPower Software is now shipping SysTools for Kylix. SysTools for Kylix has over 800 optimized, time-tested routines for efficiently handling common programming operations such as string manipulation, date/time math, high-precision calculations, and sorting. In addition, the library has specialized routines for financial and statistical calculations, generating, viewing, and printing a variety of bar codes formats, and routines for cleanly accessing Linux operating system services.

2001/05/01 - Book Review: Linux Socket Programming
I've written a new book review: Linux Socket Programming, written by Sean Walton and published by SAMS. This book is about sockets and socket programming on Linux, using C/C++ and Java code examples.

2001/04/21 - Brian Long's Swing with Linux
Brian Long has written a very nice eBook tutorial entitled Swing with Linux, which runs through a series of useful "need-to-know" Linux commands that programmers are likely to need. For any programmer wanting to develop desktop applications on a Linux platform, but who want to minimise the time they spend learning a new operating system, this book is a must.

2001/04/16 - Red Hat 7.1 with Kernel 2.4
Red Hat today announced the availability of Red Hat 7.1, which includes the new 2.4 kernel.

2001/03/15 - Microsoft .NET on Linux
Steve Ballmer has announced that Microsoft .NET products will also run on Linux in the future. In practice, this means that Microsoft will provide a way for Linux users to use .NET, even if they do not run on top of Windows indeed.

2001/03/10 - Ready for Kylix?
Assuming you are ready for Kylix, make sure your Linux setup is also ready for Kylix. Borland has prepared a document and number of patches that you can now download from Borland developer support, and can apply to your Linux installation. This will make sure your system is ready for Kylix...

2001/03/07 - Borland Kylix Available
According to the Borland press release: Kylix should be available as of today, March 7th, 2001. However, in the "pricing and availability" section of the press release it states that "Kylix Server Developer and Kylix Desktop Developer will be generally available before the end of the first quarter 2001." and "Kylix Open Edition will be available by mid-2001.", so we probably still need to wait a little while before we receive our copy, but stay tuned...

2001/03/05 - Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux in 24 Hours
I've just finished reading Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux in 24 Hours from SAMS, written by Judith Samson, Jason Byars and Dallas Releford. The book includes two CD-ROMs with a fully functional version of Red Hat Linux 7 itself.
I enjoyed reading the book, and if you have little (or no) Linux experience, I'm sure you will too. Read the full review if you want to know more, or want to purchase it from (with a 20% discount).

2001/03/02 - GNOME 1.4 Beta 2
Of course, it wouldn't be long until GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 was out, and although this is a beta and there may be some problems with compiling and running, you can get it from a GNOME mirror site in /pub/gnome/stable/betas/gnome-1.4beta2.

2001/02/28 - KDE 2.1 Available
The KDE Project has just announced that KDE 2.1 - a powerful, easy-to-use, Internet-enabled desktop for Linux - is now available.

2001/02/26 - Review: Java Enterprise CD Bookshelf
O'Reilly has done it again: The Java Enterprise CD Bookshelf contains a powerhouse of books from O'Reilly (one print and seven electronic): both electronic and print versions of Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, plus electronic versions of Java in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition; Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell; Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition; Java Servlet Programming; Java Security; and Java Distributed Computing.
Available from (with a 20% discount) and (with a 9% discount), and now reviewed in detail on this website!

2001/02/14 - TurboPower LockBox 2
TurboPower announced LockBox 2, a cross-platform data encryption, privacy and authentication library for professional programmers.
LockBox 2 is TurboPower's first cross-platform product. Buy it once and use it with 32-bit versions of Delphi (version 3 and higher), C++Builder (version 3 and higher) and Borland's new Kylix (the Delphi for Linux you've been hearing about). As usual, there are no royalties required when you use LockBox, and full source code for the library (written in Object Pascal) is included in the box.

2001/02/07 - dbExpress Gateway for ODBC
The Easysoft dbExpress Gateway for ODBC allows Kylix applications on Linux and unix platforms to access data in any local or remote ODBC compliant database. It's compatible with unixODBC, the Open Source ODBC Driver Manager for Linux.
When used in combination with the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge, the gateway will provide access to MS SQL Server, MS Access or any other database which has a Windows ODBC driver.

2001/02/02 - Kylix wins LinuxWorld Award
Kylix has won the Show Favorite Award for Best Developer Tools category of the LinuxWorld Awards.
Read JD Hildebrand's report of LinuxWorld Conference and Expo for more news and information resources.

2001/01/31 - Kylix pre-order prices
The Open Edition of Kylix will be available later, but Kylix Server Developer and Kylix Desktop Developer are sheduled to begin shipping on Feb 22nd.
The official prices are as follows:

It seems that upgrade prices are equal to pre-order prices: 20% off (but I'm not sure yet).

2001/01/31 - Three Editions of Kylix
Apart from Kylix Server Developer and Kylix Desktop Developer (for which we saw prices earlier), it seems there will be a third edition of Kylix, called Kylix Open Edition. Kylix Open Edition will be available for download (or a $99 purchase) and can be used to develop open source and free software (GPL).
Kylix Server Developer and Kylix Desktop Developer will be available in the first quarter of 2001, but Kylix Open Edition is expected later, by mid-2001.

2001/01/31 - Kylix Announced
The official announcement has just been made, and the Borland Kylix website is in place! Kylix contains database support (for DB2 and Oracle8i) and web server support (for Apache). Kylix requires Red Hat 6.2 or higher, Mandrake 7.2 or higher, or SuSE 7.0 or higher.

2001/01/30 - Kylix books at
Although Kylix isn't available yet, the following books are already listed as available to pre-order from (note that won't charge you before a book is indeed shipped to you):

And apart from those, a sixth book entitled Delphi for Linux Developer's Guide by Eric Whipple, Rick Ross and Brad Anderson is also scheduled by Wordware.

2001/01/25 - Kylix BDE Replacement
dataWeb is currently developing a BDE replacement database engine for Kylix/Delphi cross-platform development, called TurboDB. dataWeb has already set up a Kylix website in German.

2001/01/06 - Linux Kernel 2.4.0
Two days ago, Linus Torvalds announced version 2.4.0 of the Linux kernel. The question raised by many (see the Borland community for example) is of course when this new kernel will be used by the major Linux distributions. For now, I'm sticking with Red Hat 7.

2000/12/22 - Kylix and dbExpress in Action!
The German magazine Der Entwickler has an article (on-line) that shows Kylix and dbExpress in action, including some new screenshots (showing the dbExpress Connection Editor, and Kylix IDE). The article mentions the new components TSQLConnection, TSQLQuery, TSQLTable, TSQLStoredProc, TSQLDataSet, TSQLClientDataSet and TSQLMonitor.

2000/12/08 - Kylix in The Netherlands
A new Kylix session in The Netherlands (by Micha Somers and Bob Swart) was held today at the SDGN Developers Conference in De Reehorts in Ede (NL). The slides and paper of the presentation and demonstration of Kylix are now available.

Professional Linux Programming 2000/11/30 - Professional Linux Programming
A new multi-author book from WROX Press (available from and with a 20% discount) is about Professional Linux Programming: Databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LDAP, security, device drivers, GTK+, GNOME, Glade, GUI, KDE, Qt, Python, PHP, RPC, diskless systems, multimedia, internationalization, CORBA, PAM, RPM, CVS, Flex, Bison, Beowulf, Clustering, ORBit, MPI, PVM, and XML. Wow, the list of topics is even longer than the list of authors this time!

2000/11/17 - Kylix, CLX and Open Source
This week started with some rumors about the source code of Kylix going open source. But in the end the stories appear to be nothing more than rumors.
I've just written a short article about it for the Borland Community.

2000/11/16 - KDE League
In answer to the GNOME Foundation, KDE just announced the formation and launch of the KDE League.

2000/09/23 - Pictures of Kylix at Linux Developers Seminar
Here are some nice pictures taken at the recent Linux Developers Seminar where Micha Somers and Bob Swart showed Kylix.

2000/09/19 - Kylix Seminar on Linux Today
Even Linux Today now reports on the free half-day seminar that starts tomorrow in Brussels and on thursday in The Hague, and will feature a demonstration of the latest version of the Kylix IDE.

2000/09/17 - Kylix in BeNeLux
Next week, a free Linux Developers Seminar will be held in Brussels (Sept 20) and The Hague (Sept 21). Together with Partners Oosterkamp and TAS Advanced Technologies, Inprise will present Linux development tools such as JBuilder 4, VisiBroker/IAS and of course a preview of the Kylix IDE (by Micha Somers and Bob Swart from the TAS-AT Delphi OplossingsCentrum).

Microsoft Linux 2000/09/07 - Microsoft Linux
Could it be true? Microsoft Linux announced to ship November 2001!? Look for yourself, and remember: resistance is futile!

2000/08/18 - Microsoft for Linux
According to reliable sources, Microsoft is beginning to (hire another company to) port some of its applications to Linux. Starting with Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 6.3 (which is already ported to Sun Solaris).

2000/08/16 - GNOME Foundation
At LinuxWorld Expo, Compaq, HP, IBM, Red Hat, Sun and others announced the GNOME Foundation and new commitments, in order to position GNOME as the number #1 desktop against Windows (see: Gnome Linux to Attack Windows). One example is Sun' StarOffice, which will mainly be supported on GNOME.
KDE, based on Qt, Responds by saying: we're not scared...

2000/08/15 - Inprise/Borland teams up with IBM
Inprise/Borland teams up with IBM to offer latest Java Technology for the Linux Operating System. According to this deal, Inprise/Borland will deliver the IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 1.3 with future releases of Borland JBuilder, Inprise Application Server and VisiBroker.

2000/08/12 - Real Programmers Use Pascal
Ray Lischner, author of Delphi in a Nutshell, has written a new article on Kylix on the O'Reilly website. In this article, Ray gives a long overview and details of Kylix, CLX and RAD in general.

2000/08/04 - VCL Scanner - VCL Class Usage Survey
Borland has just released a handy utility called VCL Scanner, a utility and survey project that will aid the Borland RAD Tools development team in the Kylix and Delphi 6 development cycle and beta process. VCL Scanner will generate a VCL class usage report based on the Delphi and C++Builder executables and packages it finds on your Windows system. Most importantly, it will allow you to send the report back to Borland, so please use it to send as much useful feedback as possible to the Borland RAD Tools development team.

2000/07/31 - InterBase remains with Borland/Inprise
According to this latest news, InterBase will not be sold, but will remain with Borland/Inprise. The company is planning to fully support InterBase customers by retaining a core team to successfully transition the open source version of InterBase.

2000/07/25 - InterBase Open Source
Inprise/Borland announced the availability of the source code for InterBase 6.0 the cross-platform SQL92 RDBMS (for Windows, Linux and Solaris). InterBase 6.0 has been released under a variant on the Mozilla Public License (MPL) V1.1. Developers using InterBase under this license can modify the code or develop applications without being required to open source them. The open source license applies to all platforms.

2000/07/22 - IBM to unveil new Linux plan
It seems that IBM wants to spend 200 million dollars on Linux development. Basically, what they want is for people to develop real-world (database) applications on the Linux platform. Hmm, I wonder if they've looked at Kylix, yet...

2000/07/21 - Can Inprise/Borland Rise Again?
Now this is a serious nagative article from TechWeb about the future of Inprise/Borland. They even dare to claim that JBuilder is the only significant tool of the company (do they really dislike Delphi that much?)

2000/07/19 - dbExpress Internals
At the Borland Conference in San Diego, we were introduced to dbExpress, the new cross-platform data access layer that will be available in Kylix and future versions of Delphi and C++ Builder on Windows. Here you can find out what it is, and you can even provide Borland suggestions that could make it into its first release. See also Linux Today...

2000/07/18 - Borland and Kylix in Lego
At the BorCon 2000 closing session, Anders Ohlsson showed pictures from the Borland and Kylix segment that helped to set a Lego World Record.

2000/07/17 - Apache Support in Kylix
At the Borland Conference in San Diego, Inprise/Borland announced upcoming Apache support for both Kylix (Delphi for Linux) and the next release of Delphi for Windows (Delphi 6). Support for Apache will be included in NetCLX, the new cross-platform web development architecture (part of CLX).

2000/07/16 - Nope, Kylix won't compile Visual Basic code...
Well, if you read this comment from InfoWorld, you would almost believe it, but trust me: Kylix won't be able to port existing program written in Visual Basic to the Linux OS. This is a clear case of combining a few press releases without really knowing what's going on...

2000/07/15 - Cross-Platform Controls in Kylix
This first time this article was published on-line, it was taken down again, but now it's back: Robert Kozak's article on Kylix that includes the first source code example for a cross-platform calculator.

2000/07/13 - Kylix on Slashdot
Interbase and Kylix details from the Inprise/Borland Conference in San Diego were posted on Slashdot (most people there seemed to be shocked by the fact that the whole story appeared on the front page).

2000/07/08-12: BorCon2000 Conference Report
The Borland Developers Conference 2000 was held from July 8-12 in San Diego (CA). Like previous years, we've presented a "live" Conference Report on this website including details (and photos) of all major events, Inprise/Borland and third-party announcements and session details.

2000/07/07 - Kylix at BorCon 2000
The 11th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference which will be in San Diego, California, from July 8 to 12 and will feature the first large scale public preview of Kylix.

2000/07/06 - Latest Kylix Screenshots
The Borland Community website is now showing "Just a quick note with the latest Kylix screen shots". They'll be showing more at the conference, so stay tuned...

2000/06/30 - Kylix: Two Down One To Go?
J.D. Hildebrand has published a column on Kylix on the Borland Community website; two down one to go.

2000/06/27 - BORLAND CLX
Today at PCExpo, Inprise/Borland introduced BORLAND CLX the Next-Generation Cross-Platform Library and Component Framework (to be used with Delphi and C++Builder, producing native Windows and Linux applications).

2000/06/26 - TechWeb on Inprise
TechWeb expects an announcement of Inprise that will make it easier for customers to build applications for Windows and Linux. Hmm, I wonder what that would be...

2000/06/24 - Kylix IDE with Component Palette
New screenshots of the Kylix IDE (on KDE) have appeared. Although they are low-res, you can clearly see the "Standard" tab of the component palette with 16 component icons.

2000/06/23 - Programming with Qt
Kylix (and Delphi 6) will contain a new class hierarchy called CLX, based on Qt. Therefore, in order to prepare for Kylix, I've been reading the book Programming with Qt: writing portable GUI applications on UNIX and Win32 from O'Reilly. Although this book was published last year, so it mainly covers Qt version 1.4 (and little version 2), it still is a good way to learn about Qt. Especially worthwhile is the section on signals and slots (the Qt way of handling events).
The need for knowing about Qt (in order to prepare for Kylix and CLX) is perhaps a bit like the need to know certain things about the Windows API and messaging system when using Delphi. I don't expect to be doing many native Qt calls (unless I'm a component writer perhaps), but knowledge of Qt can assist me in producing portable applications on both Linux and Windows.

A full detailed review will appear shortly, but already I can recommend this book to anyone who just can't wait to prepare for Kylix. One more usefule URL: the errata and code examples

2000/06/21 - Kylix IDE
At DCon2000 (last Monday and Tuesday in Reading, UK), Charlie Calvert demonstrated the Kylix IDE. Well, that is to say, Charlie loaded the IDE, showed some of the options and dialogs, and then closed it down again.

Charlie Calvert and Kylix

Step by step, Kylix is getting more and more impressive. I wonder when Inprise/Borland will be able to finally ship it. Maybe BorCon'2000 in San Diego (in a few weeks) will give us some more information on that...

2000/06/16 - Installing VisiBroker on Linux
Hubert A. Klein Ikkink (aka Mr.Haki) has written a detailed paper about installing VisiBroker on Linux (which he used to connect a JBuilder 3.5 CORBA Client on Linux to a Delphi 5 CORBA Server on WinNT).

2000/06/15 - Gartner on Linux
In A New Approach to Linux Positioning: The Long View Gartner reports that contrary to the hype "...that Linux will overthrow NT. A more likely scenario is that Linux acceptance will accelerate in the mainstream corporate applications, and reinvigorate the Unix market." Also, in Linux Adoption Best Practices: A 10-Point Program Gartner lays out a social, psychological and technical roadmap for Linux that helps companies decide on organizational structure, managerial leadership and technical understanding.

2000/06/09 - What would you name "Kylix"?
In the official Kylix newsgroup borland.public.kylix.non-technical, John Kaster asked an interesting question. Or rather, John, Charlie and DavidI are often asked this question when they are "on the road". What will the final product name for the "Kylix project" be?
While John thinks it would be silly to call it anything other than Delphi (although I would personally called it "Delphi for Linux" - meaning we'd also have a "Delphi for Windows"), he's curious to learn what you think about it...

2000/06/08 - Mirror with Kylix Screenshots
Wow! Links to Dr.Bob's Kylix Kicks (and the Kylix screenshots) appeared from just about every Linux Page, the Borland Community and Slashdot.

2000/06/06 - First Ever Public Kylix Screenshots
I'm pleased to report that Kylix is moving at full steam and major milestones are being hit every week now. While beta testers put the new compiler and component library through it its paces the IDE team is readying everyone's favorite developer UI. The following is the first public glimpse of the Kylix IDE alpha captured June 5th for your oogling pleasure. A tip of the hat is definitely in order to Allen and the entire IDE team.

Our warmest regards,

Go Kylix!


Michael Swindell
Director of Product Management - Kylix

2000/06/03 - Kylix on
A few weeks old, but a Kylix article (with comments) can be found on

Delphi in a Nutshell

2000/05/29 - Delphi in a Nutshell
Delphi in a Nutshell by Ray Lischner has been published by O'Reilly and is available from with a 30% discount.
The book mainly covers (non-visual) technical topics such as classes and objects, interfaces, memory management, VMTs, RTTI, threads and contains a few words about Kylix as well.
A sample chapter (about the Delphi Object Model) is available, and so is a detailed review by Arnim Mulder!

2000/05/23 - Book about Kylix
I've found another website about Kylix, where Jon Shemitz (co-author of High Performance Delphi 3.0 and KickAss Delphi Programming) mentions the fact that he's working on a book about Kylix. The other links on his website are a bit outdated, but interesting to see nevertheless.

2000/05/18 - Kylix mailinglist
Apart from this website Kylix Kicks and an official newsgroup, we now also have a Kylix mailinglist.

2000/05/17 - Inprise/Borland - Corel merger terminated
Inprise/Borland and Corel have terminated the proposed merger agreement! Read all about it from the Inprise/Borland and Corel websites. Further updates and comments can be read on my Borland.comments.

2000/05/16 - Kylix Kicks...
This page always contains the latest news on Kylix the Linux edition of Delphi and C++Builder. At the Conference to the Max (May 1-2) Charlie Calvert gave some public demonstrations of Kylix, and a few colleagues of mine (Rick Beerendonk and Arnim Mulder) attended this public session (like a few hundred others) and have prepared a report with some of the details Charlie showed.

2000/04/30 - Kylix Newsgroup Comments
First of all, there are Kylix newsgroups now, such as borland.public.kylix.non-technical. Some comments regarding Trolltech and Borland have been posted here, and made available as special article on the Borland Community.

2000/04/28 - Trolltech's Qt (GUI) for Kylix
Inprise/Borland announced a licensing agreement covering Trolltech's Qt graphical user interface (GUI) application framework. As a result of the agreement, Inprise/Borland can leverage Qt in Kylix, the forthcoming Delphi and C/C++ rapid application development (RAD) environment for Linux.

2000/03/27 - Kylix Kick Start
JD Hildebrand attended the Kylix Kick Start seminar; the official launch event for the Kylix community. Read his report and learn more about the Kylix Community.

2000/03/24 - Kylix Kick Start
This week, Borland hosted more than 200 third-party authors, consultants, trainers and tool and component vendors for the first in a series of worldwide events designed to prepare third party products and services for Kylix. Kylix will be a high performance Linux rapid application development environment that will support Delphi, C and C++.
Dr.Bob says... I was unable to attend the Kylix Kick Start myself, but will attend the one in Amsterdam early May 2000. Until that day, we're playing (and waiting) with three different Linux machines (Red Hat, SuSE and Corel)...

2000/03/16 - Kylix: The Compiler and RTL
Danny Thorpe provides some technical details regarding the compiler and RTL of Kylix (the Delphi and C++Builder environment for Linux).

2000/03/12 - Linux Ready for Delphi?
Is Linux Ready for Delphi? That's the question raised - and answered - by Danny Thorpe, Senior Engineer from the Delphi R&D Team (who volunteered to work on Kylix for his own reasons as well).

2000/03/09 - Kylix Study Guide
Kylix is the codename for Delphi/C++Builder on Linux. On March 20th, Borland is hosting a Kylix Kickstart meeting for registered Tools and Component Builders.
To prepare yourself for Linux Programming, Borland has assembled a helpful Kylix Study Guide.

2000/03/03 - How Do You Feel About It?
Most people were taken by surprise with the news about the upcoming Corel - Inprise/Borland merger, announced three weeks ago. That's why I started a little on-line poll: How are you feeling about this deal? Over 900 people have shared their thoughts by participating in Dr.Bob's first on-line poll. Here are the final results:

The first question - about the personal feelings regarding the upcoming merger agreement between Corel-Inprise/Borland - is answered as follows (918 votes):

Don't Care: 6.6%
Very Positive: 9.7%
Positive: 31.8%
Not So Positive: 34.5%
Negative: 17.3%

Dr.Bob says... Optimists would say that only 17.3% are against the Corel-Inprise/Borland merger, while pessimists would say that only 41.5% are (very) positive about it. All in all, although there are more plain "negative" than "very positive" votes, I feel that most people are at least leaning towards a positive attitude. Of course, time will tell, but I too feel more positive ("positive") now than I felt when I started this poll (when I was "not so positive", mainly because of a number of unknown factors which are now becoming more and more clear).
For example: most comments given were regarding the (continuing) use of the Borland brand name. In that regard, it might be helpful to give you the comment of DavidI - who also voted in my poll - on this issue:
"The Borland brand name will continue (Inprise will go away - YAY :). We'll still be here working on developer tools. We're building Delphi 6 and Kylix at the same time." - David I - VP Developer Relations, Borland

The second question - about the most useful development environment - is answered as follows (625 votes):
Note that for each "most useful development environment" I'm also showing the "merger-feeling"-vote that person made (this shows that people who voted for Delphi 6 are less positive about the merger than people that voted for Kylix, for example).

Delphi 6: 65.3%
Kylix: 17.6%
C++Builder: 8.8%
JBuilder: 6.1%

Dr.Bob says... Well, I don't believe this leaves room for any doubt. Of course, we must realise that most people who voted in this on-line poll are (regular) visitors of my website, which is mainly about Delphi for Windows, and (slightly) less about C++Builder and JBuilder - and not (yet) about Linux or Kylix for that matter. We'll see if these figures changes over time.
For now, the above statement from DavidI should indicate that Borland is still working hard on both Kylix and Delphi 6...

2000/02/25 - MIDAS 3 License Pricing
The best news in months: for MIDAS 3, Borland just slashed the suggested list price from US$ 5000 to US$ 299.95 for unlimited usage servers. This is not a typo: less than 300 US-dollars for an unlimited client license per machine (with up to four CPUs), running any number of MIDAS application servers!
Delphi 5 Enterprise and C++Builder 5 Enterprise contain a MIDAS 3 developer license, and MIDAS 3 deployment licenses are now available for an extremely competive market price. Thank you Borland!

2000/02/07 - Corel - Inprise/Borland Merger
Corel and Inprise/Borland today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement. Upon completion of the merger, the combined organization, called Corel, will be a Linux powerhouse, offering a single source for end-to-end solutions featuring a range of productivity applications, development tools, and professional services for all major platforms.

2000/02/04 - Inprise/Borland for Linux
Inprise/Borland is indeed giving a lot of attention and focus towards Linux (and Linux development tools). At LinuxWorld they made several announcements as a part of their ongoing commitment to the Linux community. We already knew about the Linux Community on the Inprise/Borland Web site, and now this has been extended with a special Linux track at the Inprise/Borland annual developers' conference.
And last but not least we've seen announcements of Linux editions of the Inprise Application Server 4.0 and VisiBroker 4.0.

1999/11/23 - COMDEX, LinuxExpo and Kylix
If you missed COMDEX, LinuxExpo and or just want to read the latest news on Kylix (the Delphi/C++ RAD environment for Linux that Inprise is working on), then check out a report written by John Kaster and Michael Swindell.

1999/09/29 - C/C++ and Delphi for Linux
Inprise announces commitment to support C, C++ and Delphi development on Linux. The Borland VCL for Linux will be designed to radically speed native Linux application development and simplify the porting of Delphi and C++Builder applications between Windows and Linux.

1999/09/28 - Inprise and Corel form Strategic Alliance
Inprise and Corel form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Linux OS and Application Adoption. The alliance extends the existing cooperation between Inprise and Corel to provide enterprise-class Linux solutions to development teams who are building mission-critical applications.

1999/08/12: Inprise announced commitment to Linux
At Linux World Conference & Expo, Inprise announced its commitment to support the Linux platform. The company announced the immediate availability of VisiBroker for Linux, a new version of its award-winning object request broker, and is demonstrating JBuilder for Linux, its upcoming Java development tool, on the showroom floor at Linux World.
Dr.Bob says... It's great to see the commitment of Inprise to Linux pay off. VisiBroker for Linux means yet another way for Delphi and C++Builder to "connect" to Linux! Also, the new edition of JBuilder (codename: PrimeTime - 100% pure java) is almost ready, and it's only a matter of time before PrimeTime ships for Linux, Solaris (and then NT again I guess).

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