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2017/09/18 - RAD Studio Roadmap Update
Check out the The RAD Studio Roadmap Update, updated with the 10.2.1 actual release and the specific 10.2.2 plans, along with the focus areas for 10.3 next year.

2017/08/08 - C++Builder 10.2.1 Released
10.2 Tokyo Release 1 is now available. It’s an update of Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo and RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo for active Update Subscription customers. It includes 100s of platform focused enhancements, bug fixes and features. You can download the ISO Installer or the Getit-based Web Install.
Note that it's important to use the same installer that you used for the RTM and Update 1 (the registry settings are not quite compatible).

2017/03/22 - C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Released
Embarcadero has released Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin in Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. You can download the ISO Installer or the Web Install (registered 10.1 users only, I'm afraid). The Web Installer offers a GetIt-way to install, which is quite nice!

Licenses are now sold with one year subscription included. Developers from the Eurozone can order an Upgrade or New User license from my webshop.

2017/01/31 - C++Builder Podcast
In this week's episode we talk with C++Builder Product Manager David Millington about his role at Embarcadero along with other news and tech tips for the week.

2016/11/15 - C++Builder 10.1 Berlin Update 2 Released
Embarcadero has released the second Subscription Update of RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin, with bug fixes as well as new features. You can download the ISO Installer or the Getit-based Web Install.
Note that it's important to use the same installer that you used for the RTM and Update 1. It appears that the registry settings are not quite compatible (or so I heard)... If you don't remember which installer you used: just start the IDE and look at the Welcome Page. If it shows the "Platforms and Extensions Manager", then you used the new GetIt installer, otherwise you need the ISO.

2016/02/12 - Additional files for C++ WebBrowser
This Zip file contains additional files for compiling the TCppWebBrowser with the 32bit CLANG compiler in RAD Studio 10 Seattle and C++Builder 10 Seattle, that were not part of the Update 1.

2016/02/11 - December 2015 XE7 Update Subscription Update
This update brings a backport of RAD Studio 10 Seattle continued maintenance, bug fixes, performance and feature improvements to RAD Studio XE7.
Available only for registered users of RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 10 Seattle with Update Subscription.

2016/02/11 - December 2015 XE8 Update Subscription Update
This update brings a backport of RAD Studio 10 Seattle continued maintenance, bug fixes, performance and feature improvements to RAD Studio XE8.
Available only for registered users of RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder 10 Seattle and All-Access with Update Subscription.

2015/12/15 - C++Builder 10 Seattle iOS 9.2 C++ Hotfix - December 2015
This hotfix addresses compile time errors when targeting iOS 9.2 using C++Builder or RAD Studio 10 Seattle.
Updates, hot fixes, and patches are provided exclusively to customers with an active Update Subscription, however, this particular critical patch is being provided to all C++Builder 10 Seattle customers.

2015/12/04 - C++Builder 10 Seattle Updates #1 Hotfixes
There were a few issues introduced with the C++Builder 10 Seattle Update #1 that are now solved with two hot-fixes. The first one is specific for C++ CLANG for non-English editions. The second one is a fix for a GDI resource leak in the Modern Themes package of the IDE.
Note that the fix is only available if you have an update subscription (without Update #1 you won't be affected by these issues anyway).

2015/11/19 - C++Builder 10 Seattle Updates #1 Released
Embarcadero has released subscription Updates #1 for Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10 Seattle, see the Fix List for details). Developers with an active (Update) Subscription can download and install the Subscription Update #1 (available for Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio and in ISO format).

2015/10/08 - FastReport FMX for C++Builder 10 Seattle
FastReport FMX 2 Embarcadero Edition for C++Builder 10 Seattle, Updated on Oct 08, 2015 to resolve an issue with FMX.Layouts.TScrollbox.Paint

2015/10/01 - MIDA Converter Basic for RAD Studio 10 Seattle
Mida Basic for RAD Studio 10 is a special edition of the popular VCL to FireMonkey converter. Helps converting your VCL forms to multi-device, including data bindings and other advanced features with support for over 200 components.

2015/09/30 - PAServer Hotfix for C++Builder 10 Seattle
With Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10 Seattle, we provide support for building OS X applications that run on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or 10.9 (Mavericks). We also provide support for building applications that run on iOS 9 using the iOS 9 SDK, or on iOS 7, 8 and iOS 9 using the iOS 8 SDK.
This PAServer Hotfix provides fixes for:

Updates, hot fixes, and patches are provided exclusively to customers with an active Update Subscription, however, this particular critical patch is being provided to all C++Builder 10 Seattle customers.

2015/09/11 - DUnitX Update for C++Builder 10 Seattle
Update to the DUnitX source code that was shipped in C++ Builder 10 Seattle.

2015/09/03 - RAD Studio 10 Seattle FireMonkey Accessibility Pack
The Accessibility Library supports the JAWS screen reader on Windows and the VoiceOver screen reader on Mac OS X.

2015/09/03 - BDE Installer for C++Builder 10 Seattle
Note: you need 10 Seattle already installed to add the BDE to your installation. After you have installed the BDE, you will also need to install the components into the 10 Seattle IDE if you want to work with the components at design time.

2015/09/01 - FastReport VCL 5 for C++Builder 10 Seattle
FastReport VCL 5 for C++Builder 10 Seattle.

2015/09/02 - VCL Premium Styles Pack for RAD Studio 10 Seattle
Customize the look of your VCL Windows applications with eight premium styles included in this style pack. Choose from the Coral, Diamond, Emerald, Sterling, Jet, Vapor, Copper and Radiant styles to change the look of your application.

2015/09/02 - FireMonkey Premium Styles Pack for RAD Studio 10 Seattle
Customize your multi-device applications with ten premium FireMonkey styles. Choose from Jet, Sterling, Diamond, Emerald Crystal, Emerald Dark, Coral Crystal, Coral Dark, Vapor, Copper and Radiant styles, optimized for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac application development.

2015/09/02 - C++Builder 10 Seattle Released
Embarcadero has released Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10 Seattle in Professional and Enterprise editions (as well as Ultimate or Architect editions with additional Embarcadero database tools). See the Feature Matrix and the Release Notes for more details.

2015/06/19 - C++Builder XE8 Updates #1 Released
Embarcadero has released Updates #1 for C++Builder XE8. There are actually two versions of Update #1 available (see the Fix List for details). Developers with an active (Update) Subscription can download and install the Subscription Update #1, also available in ISO format). People without subscription can use the General Update #1 instead.

2015/04/07 - RAD Studio XE8 FireMonkey Accessibility Pack
The Accessibility Library supports the JAWS screen reader on Windows and the VoiceOver screen reader on Mac OS X. FireMonkey accessibility support is available for Delphi/C++Builder XE8 for Windows Win32, Win64 and for Mac OS X applications.

2015/04/07 - FireMonkey Premium Styles Pack for RAD Studio XE8
Customize your multi-device applications with nine premium FireMonkey styles. Choose from Jet, Sterling, Diamond, Emerald Crystal, Emerald Dark, Coral Crystal, Coral Dark, Vapor and Radiant styles, optimized for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac application development.

2015/04/07 - VCL Premium Styles Pack for RAD Studio XE8
Customize the look of your VCL Windows applications with seven premium VCL styles included in this style pack. Choose from the Coral, Diamond, Emerald, Sterling, Jet, Vapor and Radiant styles to change the look of your application.

2015/04/07 - FastReport FMX for RAD Studio XE8
FastReport FMX 2 Embarcadero Edition for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 is a multi-platform report generator for Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

2015/04/07 - IP*Works for C++Builder XE8
The full version of /n software’s IP*Works components - A comprehensive suite of components for Internet communications including more than 40 individual components covering every major Internet Protocol.

2015/04/07 - C++Builder XE8 Released
Embarcadero has released Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE8 in Professional and Enterprise editions (as well as Ultimate or Architect editions with additional Embarcadero database tools). See What's New in C++Builder for more details.
You can download the C++Builder XE8 Install from the Web or the Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8 ISO.

2015/02/27 - RAD Studio 2015 Roadmap
Embarcadero has just published the latest version of their RAD Studio 2015 Roadmap in the form of 14 powerpoint slides. The Roadmap covers RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder as well as AppMethod.

2014/11/13 - Update #1 for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder XE7
Update #1 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE7 is now available for download. See the Release Notes and Fix List for more details.

2014/08/30 - IP*Works for C++Builder XE7
The full version of /n software’s IP*Works components - A comprehensive suite of components for Internet communications including more than 40 individual components covering every major Internet Protocol.

2014/09/02 - C++Builder XE7 Launched
Embarcadero has launched Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE7 in Professional and Enterprise editions (as well as Ultimate or Architect editions with additional Embarcadero database tools). See the Release Notes for more details.

2014/06/18 - Update #1 for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder XE6
Update #1 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE6 is now available for download. See the Release Notes and Fix List for more details.

2014/04/15 - C++Builder XE6 Launched
Embarcadero has launched Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE6 in Professional and Enterprise editions (as well as Ultimate or Architect editions with additional Embarcadero database tools).

2013/12/10 - Update #2 for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder XE5
Update 2 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE5 is now available for download. See the Release Notes and Fix List for more details.

2013 September - C++Builder XE5 Released
Embarcadero has released Delphi, C++Builder, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE5 in Professional and Enterprise editions (as well as Ultimate or Architect editions with additional Embarcadero database tools). See the Feature Matrix for more details.

2012/12/10 - C++Builder gains multi-device development abilities
An article in SD Times mentions the new 64-bit compiler of C++Builder, which is the start of the new architecture for multi-device development.

2012/09/29 - RAD Studio Mobile - Roadmap
Embarcadero has publised the RAD Studio Mobile roadmap, covering what's in development (integrated C++ and Delphi native ARM toolchains, native iOS and Android platform support, FireMonkey Mobile Framework and Mobile Form Designers, among others), when we can expect things (Mobile Beta Program, iOS final and Android final), and how we can expect to purchase it (part of RAD Studio Enterprise subscription and/or low prince add-on).
Note that all XE3 customers can participate in the RAD Studio Mobile beta (you can apply by clicking on the "my eligible field tests" link on the Embarcadero Developer Network.

2012/09/03 - C++Builder XE3
Today, Embarcadero released RAD Studio XE3 (including Delphi, C++Builder, Prism and HTML5 Builder). All developers with subscription (SA) should have received an e-mail from Embarcadero Maintenace with their login info to retrieve their XE3 update and new serial number. New User and Upgrade licenses (with or withour subscription) can be purchased in my webshop (in Dutch or for other customers in the Eurozone).

2011/12/20 - C++Builder Target Platform Survey
The Embarcadero RAD Team is actively planning future releases of C++Builder. They invite us to take a very short C++Builder user survey focused on target platform support and core features. This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and our feedback will have a direct impact on future versions of C++Builder.

2011/10/31 - (Turbo) C++Builder Database Development
(Turbo) C++Builder Database Development is not a brand new paperback book, in fact, it's using (Turbo) C++Builder 2006 and 2007, but it is now available in a new eBook format from Barnes & Noble.

2011/10/04 - C++Builder XE2 and FireMonkey
In this article, I'll introduce the new FireMonkey GUI framework and the cross-platform capabilities of C++Builder XE2, producing a cross-platform 32-bit Windows - Mac OS X application.

2011/09/28 - C++Builder XE2 Update #1
Embarcadero has released Update 1 for C++Builder XE2, Delphi XE2 and RAD Studio XE2, incorporating more than 120 bug fixes, including many FireMonkey design time and runtime bug fixes, the addition of new VCL Styles, VCL Styles design time and runtime fixes, IDE fixes to improve stability, C++ and Delphi compiler fixes and more.
After having applied Update #1, the About Box mentions the version number 16.0.4276.44006 (which used to be 16.0.4256.43595 in the RTM version, 20 days earlier).

2011/09/02 - C++Builder XE2
The XE2 editions of Delphi, C++Builder, Prism, RadPHP and RAD Studio have just been released. New User licenses as well as Upgrades to C++Builder XE2 can be purchased now from me (for customers in Europe using the EURO, plus the UK).

2011/01/20 - RAD Studio Quality Survey
Embarcadero cares a great deal about your experiences with our products. They are continually striving to make them better based on user feedback.
Director of Quality Assurance, Chris Pattinson invites us to complete the Embarcadero 2011 RAD Studio Quality Survey. This 23 question survey is for all users of C++Builder XE, Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE, and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your contact details are optional, and will only be used if you agree for us to contact you with any follow-up questions. Thank you for your participation!

2010/08/31 - C++Builder XE
The XE editions of Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism and RAD Studio (which includes the aforementioned three plus RadPHP) have just been released.

2010/08/12 - New RAD Studio Roadmap
An updated RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap is published on the Embarcadero Developer Network.

2010/07/27 - TurboDB 6
dataweb released version 6 of its embedded database TurboDB for Delphi and C++ Builder. Besides many improvements in the performance area, the new version most notably offers a new mechanism for the support of different languages through Windows-based collations.
TurboDB is an embedded SQL database specifically for Delphi and C++ Builder, which is written in Delphi itself and which can therefore be included in a project via dcu files. TurboDB includes the database itself with the VCL data access components (TTdbTable, TTdbQuery, TTdbDatabase, etc.), a tool for creating and editing databases a comprehensive online help and a set of demo programs.
TurboDB is licensed on a per developer base, there are no royalties for deploying the application.

2010/06/30 - C++Builder 2010 and DataSnap
In this article, I'll demonstrate how to build C++Builder 2010 DataSnap Servers. I will take you all the way, from start to deployment, and even to server methods which out-of-the-box are not possible in C++ for C++Builder 2010.

2010/05/10 - RAD Studio Roadmap
Embarcadero has just published the new RAD Studio Roadmap. This Roadmap includes information on the upcoming Delphi Fulcrum, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X application development, Delphi Wheelhouse (adding Linux support), the 64-bits Compiler Preview (early 2011), Delphi Commodore (the full 64-bits version) and project Chromium.

2010/04/26 - Buy C++Builder 2010: Get RAD Studio 2010
For a limited time - until the end of June 2010 - Embarcadero has a special offer: if you buy C++Builder 2010, you get RAD Studio 2010 delivered.
Developers from BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg) or UK can purchase the ESD licenses directly from me.

2010/03/09 - C++Builder 2010 White Paper
Embarcadero has published a white paper about An Introduction to Embarcadero C++Builder 2010, written by Volker Hillmann, adecc Systemhaus GmbH.

2010/02/01 - New Embarcadero Upgrade Rules
As of February 1st, 2010, there are new upgrade rules from Embarcadero. Until this date, you can upgrade from any previous version of C++Builder to a newer version of C++Builder (i.e. from C++Builder 5 to C++Builder 2007 or C++Builder 2010). As of now, you can only upgrade if the version you upgrade from is no more than three versions older than the version you're upgrading to. So from C++Builder 2006 you can still go to C++Builder 2010, but you cannot get an upgrade to C++Builder 2010 if you have a version which is older than C++Builder 2006 (like C++Builder 6 or 5 for example).
From RAD Studio 2007, you can upgrade to C++Builder 2011 when it's released later in 2010. So even if you are not ready for the Unicode switch, you may want to upgrade to RAD Studio 2007 (or C++Builder 2007) and use that version as your "base" to upgrade to C++Builder 2011.

2010/01/27 - C++Builder 2010 Hotfix #1 Available
Hotfix 1 for RAD Studio 2010 (for C++Builder 2010) is now available for download. This fix updates the behavior of command line switches used by the c command line preprocessor (cpp32.exe)

2009/12/16 - C++Builder 2010 Updates 4 and 5
Read the Release Notes of Delphi and C++Builder 2010 Updates 4, 5 (Database Pack), and Boost Library.

2009/10/27 - C++Builder 2010 Survey
Please take the time to take the C++Builder 2010 Developer Survey. Your valuable feedback will help guide the future of C++Builder at Embarcadero. This survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. We know your time is valuable and the Embarcadero C++Builder team greatly appreciates your participation in this survey.

2009/10/18 - Abakus VCL v3.70
Abakus VCL v3.70 has been released, including support for Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010, and introducing new horizontal/vertical meter with moving scale components: TAbFlexHMeter, TAbFlexVMeter, TAbDbFlexHMeter, and TAbDbFlexVMeter.

2009/09/08-11: CodeRage IV
CodeRage IV is a virtual conference starting Tuesday, Sept 8th, 2009 (5:00 PCT - 14:00 GMT+1) until Friday Sept 11th, 2009. It's free, but you need to register in order to be able to attend the sessions.

2009/08/25 - C++Builder 2010 Launched
Today, C++Builder 2010 was launched and is available for purchase. You can read more information in the Release Notes, or in the RAD Studio 2010 product page.

2009/08/01 - C++Builder 2006 De-Supported
C++Builder 2006 is now officially de-supported, and is no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2009/05/06 - Getting Started with Delphi and C++Builder 2009
Embarcadero has published something new: a Getting Started with Delphi and C++Builder 2009 guide that can be purchased in printed format from and can also be downloaded for free.

2009 April - C++Builder "Weaver" Beta
Embarcadero beta programs are designed to meet the needs of customers and internal development teams during the launch of a new version a product. The beta test process helps Embarcadero determine the quality of a product before it is released to the general public.
April 2009 is the estimated start date of the C++Builder "Weaver" Beta.

2009/03/18 - TMS Smooth Controls Pack
TMS Software has kindly made the TMS Smooth Controls Pack available in binary format to registered users of Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009 and CodeGear RAD Studio 2009. TMS Smooth Controls provides sophisticated looking and smoothly animated controls for Delphi and C++Builder 2009.

2009/03/16 - Raize Components 5.1
A new build (5.1) of Raize Components 5 has been released. The new build includes many new enhancements and features, bug fixes, and even a brand new component.

2009/02/28 - Gnostice PDFtoolkit VCL v3.0.1 Released
Gnostice Information Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0.1 of PDFtoolkit VCL. Gnostice PDFtoolkit is a powerful PDF component suite for Delphi and C++Builder to edit, enhance, secure, merge, split, view and print PDF documents, and also process AcroForms documents.
Apart from the PDFtoolkit VCL v3.0.1, Gnostice has also announce the Free PDF Viewer 1.0, a portable and fast PDF viewer application powered by Gnostice PDFOne Java Professional edition, a PDF-component suite for Java developers.

2009/01/10 - Favourite C++Builder Technology Partner Product Nominations
Use this survey to tell Embarcadero about your favourite C++Builder add-on tool or component set.

2008/12/20 - Help Update #1 for C++Builder 2009
Help Update 1 for C++Builder 2009 is now available for download, with more details in the Release Notes. Note that this help update only covers Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 (all Delphi for .NET content has been removed), improving the help in several areas like coverage of the AnsiString and Character units, Generics.Collections, etc.

2008/12/09 - Update #2 for C++Builder 2009
Registered users of RAD Studio 2009, Delphi 2009, and C++Builder 2009 can now download Update #2 which updates the Delphi and C++Builder 2009 Database Pack. Note that only database-related fixes are included in this update. View the release notes for more details.

2008/12/01 - C++Builder 6 De-Supported
C++Builder 6 is now officially de-supported, and is no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2008/11/01 - Update #1 for C++Builder 2009
Registered users of C++Builder 2009 can now download Update #1. Check the list of fixes and view the release notes for more details.

2008/10/04 - Abakus VCL for Delphi 2009
The C++Builder 2009 editions of Abakus VCL V3.50 is now available, featuring Delphi/C++Builder 2009 support plus minor changes and fixes.

2008/10/01 - DataSnap 2009 support for C++Builder
C++Builder 2009 also supports DataSnap 2009, but with a few limitations. The level of support for client side applications is the same as Delphi 2009 except that C++Builder 2009 does not contain support for generated client classes in C++ for server methods.
C++ Builder TRemoteDataModules and TDSServerModules that contain providers can be accessed by C++Builder clients or Delphi clients using the client side TDSProviderConnection. There is some C++ compiler work needed to support server methods written in C++.

2008/10/01 - C++Builder Newsgroups
The Borland Newsgroups at are no longer working and should be replaced by the CodeGear newsgroups at
For more information, see

2008/09/08 - C++Builder 2009 Trial Edition Available
The 14-day trial edition of C++Builder 2009 Architect is now available to download.

2008/08/25 - C++Builder 2009 Announced
CodeGear just announced C++Builder 2009 and Delphi 2009, the next generation of the RAD tools for Windows. The products are not shipping yet, but the features and prices are announced, and if you're from the BeNeLux you can order your copy from my webshop.
There is already a good list of third-party tools and components that will support C++Builder 2009.

2008/04/28 - Help Update 3 for C++Builder 2007
The Help Update 3 for C++Builder 2007 is now available for download from the Registered Users Page for C++Builder or by using the Check for Updates tool included with C++Builder 2007.

2008/04/19 - C++Builder 2007 April 2008 Hotfix
The C++Builder 2007 April HotFix is available for download from the Registered Users website. Note that the December 2007 Update (11.0.2890.10344) must have been installed prior to installing this hotfix (check your about box to verify).
See the Release Notes for a list of fixes, and my weblog for more details.

2008/03/13 - Help Update 2 for C++Builder 2007
The Help Update 2 for C++Builder 2007 and RAD Studio 2007 is now available for download from the Registered Users Page for C++Builder or RAD Studio or by using the Check for Updates tool included with C++Builder 2007 for Win32 and RAD Studio 2007.
Read my blog for installation experiences and the new about box (to verify that the update has been installed correctly).

2007/12/18 - CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 December Update
CodeGear just released the December Update for RAD Studio 2007, as well as the update for Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007. Available from the Registered Users Page, the December Update contains a significant number of fixes:

Installation of the December Update on Windows 2000, XP and 2003 works fine and very fast (less than 10 minutes on my machines). However, installation on Windows Vista took more than 8 (!) hours, so you better do that while sleeping...

2007/11/05 - Alisdair Meredith has joined CodeGear
C++ luminary and standards expert Alisdair Meredith has joined CodeGear’s product group. Meredith will be responsible for guiding the future direction of the company’s C++ Builder product line.

2007/09/05 - CodeGear announces CodeGear RAD Studio 2007
CodeGear announced CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, supporting Windows 2000, XP and Vista, including Delphi for Win32, Delphi for .NET 2.0/3.0 and C++Builder.
CodeGear RAD Studio is available in three editions:

What's new? Prices for the BeNeLux are available on my Dutch site, where you can order the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) versions directly from me + subscription of course!

2007/08/29 - (Turbo) C++Builder Database Development at Lulu
I have just published my first paperback on Lulu: C++Builder Database Development. In this paperback about Database Development with C++Builder (and Turbo C++) I'll cover the Borland Database Engine (BDE), dbGo for ADO, dbExpress and the stand-alone TClientDataSet. I'm using the Paradox, MyBase and SQL Server / MSDE databases for the example application, which is built for each data access technology, including examples of data coversion. Finally, for C++Builder 2007 developers, I've added a special section on DBX4 and the new features in this latest release of the dbExpress data access framework.
The information in this paperback can be used with Borland C++Builder 6, C++Builder 2006, Turbo C++ 2006, as well as CodeGear C++Builder 2007.

2007/08/20 - Dr.Bob Examines... Mixing C++Builder and Delphi
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines column, I will demonstrate that C++Builder can not only compile Delphi source code, but that the CodeGear RAD Studio with the C++Builder 2007 and Delphi 2007 for .NET identities combined can mix languages (one per source file) in C++(Builder) projects.

2007/08/10 - Delphi 2007 Update #2
CodeGear RAD Studio Update #2 (for Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007) is now available for download for registered users. If you have Delphi 2007 for Win32 Update 1 or C++Builder 2007 installed and you selected Check for Updates Automatically, you should automatically be notified when Update 2 is available for download.

2007/07/25 - Delphi 2007 and DBX4
In this latest Dr.Bob Examines article, I'll cover some of the new features in the latest edition of dbExpress (also called DBX4) which ships as part of Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007.

2007/07/24 - BCB 2007 IntraWeb ISAPI Application
In BCB 2007 the IntraWeb application wizard fails to create one file. This article provides an ISAPI application template project which you can use to start off your C++Builder IntraWeb applications.

2007/07/18-19: CodeGear Europe Developer Days
On July 18 and 19, 2007, CodeGear Europe will be holding a free 2-day web seminar event offering several technical sessions on Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi for PHP and even a Ruby IDE sneak peak.
I will be performing a session on Tracing/Debugging/Testing Win32 Web Services using Delphi 2007 myself on Thursday morning.

2007/07/03 - C++Builder 2006 HotFix #13
Hotfix 13 for Borland Developer Studio 2006 addresses multiple issues for C++Builder users:

This hotfix also applies to Turbo C++ Explorer and Professional editions.

2007/07/01 - Abakus VCL v3.30
Abakus VCL is a professional set of Borland Delphi and C++Builder realtime components for virtual instrumentation. Abakus VCL version 3.30 Build 2 is available for download, containing support for C++Builder 2007 now.

2007/06/21 - Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap
CodeGear has published document that describes the roadmap and their intended plans for Delphi and C++Builder. Note that a roadmap is never cast in stone, and always subject to change (like the support for Generics in Highlander, which went from "consumption only" to "consumption and creation of parameterized types in Delphi for .NET" (after a lot of feedback).
You can also listen to the replays of the Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap Briefings.

2007/06/13 - Installing C++Builder 2007 on Delphi 2007
This helpful article describes the steps to install C++Builder 2007 on a system where Delphi 2007 for Win32 is already installed.

2007/05/14 - New C++Builder 2007 brings RAD Windows Vista
CodeGear announced C++Builder 2007 - the world's only native C++ rapid application development (RAD) integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft® Windows. C++Builder 2007 provides support for Microsoft Windows Vista, enabling developers to seamlessly upgrade existing C++ applications to support Vista and rapidly build new Windows applications that take advantage of the new Vista Aero user interfaces.
With C ++Builder 2007, developers can quickly build rich client applications that support Vista as well as create dynamic AJAX-enabled Web applications. Applications can be built on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista, and deployed automatically to all three platforms without recompilation.

2007/04/24 - BDS2006 Hotfix 12
BDS2006 Hotfix 12 is available for download for BDS 2006 customers. This hotfix contains fixes for a memory leak in the compiler when building projects and a codegen bug when comparing signed and unsigned integers. Use these in place of earlier versions of bcc32.exe and comp32x.dll.

2007/04/02 - C++Builder Field Testing
CodeGear has some openings for additional field testers for upcoming versions of C++Builder. If you're interested, please email Tim Del Chiaro (CodeGear) your contact information and why you would be a good tester. They're especially looking for some additional testers who are developing on/for Windows Vista or using or interested in using Indy, IntraWeb, UML, or unit testing.

2007/03/12-16 - CodeRage 2007 Virtual Conference
From Monday March 12 until Friday March 16, you should set some time aside to attend CodeRage 2007 - CodeGear's Virtual Conference. With two streams and a total of more than 50 technical sessions, this is something not to miss.
The best part is: you can attend right from your own desk. No place, no train, no hotel (unless you want to, of course), but just the comfort of your own environment.
And the even better part: it's free! Plus if you register, you get a 25% discount on CodeGear products (like the Delphi 2007 for Win32 or Delphi for PHP for example).
There's also a virtual exhibit hall, where I'll be showcasing my Delphi Courseware manuals (three of which will also be given away as conference prices to registered dudes).
As one of the virtual speakers at CodeRage, I'm now also an official CodeDude it seems. And this CodeDude has already recorded his session on Using Delphi (2006) to Extend Win32 Web Applications with AJAX, giving an introduction to what this AJAX "magic" is all about and how easy it is to extend WebBroker applications with AJAX by hand. I'm hoping to "see" you all online at CodeRage to participate!

2007/02/16 - C++Builder 6 Helpfile
The Help files from C++Builder 6 have been made available for download (as promised in a November webinar), so you can put them on your machine and use them side-by-side (or as replacement of) the C++Builder 2006 helpfiles.

2007/02/12 - (Turbo) Delphi Hotfix Roll-up
CodeGear has just now signed-off a new version of the HotFix Rollup of the previous BDS2006 hotfixes 1-9, except 2 and have now added hotfixes 10a-f! This hotfix rollup will work for all BDS2006 Update 2 editions and all the Turbo releases, all languages.

2007/02/07 - C++Builder 2007 Survey
CodeGear is serious about C++ and RAD, and is working work on upcoming releases of C++Builder. They're putting lots of energy into quality, build performance/flexibility/configurability, IDE features and performance, debugging, support for popular libraries, language conformance, Vista support, VCL and database connectivity, and more.
You can help CodeGear to validate their work-in-progress and set priorities and directions for future releases, by taking the 2007 C++Builder survey - the ideal place for you to tell CodeGear what you need in future releases and to help shape our roadmap and make C++Builder the best rapid C++ development environment!

The C++Builder Webinar on using C++ Libraries, DLLs, ANSI C++, Boost, and the C++ TR1 Library is now available for replay and download. Presented by David Intersimone, Sanjay Banerjee, Lee Cantey, Owen Urkov, and David Dean, this C++ specific Webinar will showcase how to use the full range of C++ language capabilities including use of libraries, DLLs, ANSI C++ features. The Webinar will also show how you can use the BOOST C++ libraries and the C++ TR1 (C++ Technical Report on Standard Library Extensions #1) library.

2007/01/14 - JVCL Team releases JVCL 3.30
JVCL is a library of more than 600 visual and non-visual components for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005 and 2006; C++Builder 5, 6 and 2006 (Borland Developer Studio). JVCL is distributed subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 ( and is completely free for all developers (open source, shareware or commercial) and includes the full source to all components.

2007/01/13 - JCL Team releases JCL 1.98
The JCL Team is proud to announce that the stable release of JCL 1.98 is available for download at sourceforge. This release contains several changes, additions and bugfixes. The JCL supports C++Builder 5 and 6, Kylix 3, Delphi 5, 6 and 7, C#Builder 1 (experts only), Delphi 8 (experts only), Delphi 2005 (Win32 and .net), BDS 2006 (Delphi, C++Builder, and and Turbo Delphi (Explorer and professional).

2006/12/11 - Free InterBase 2007 Developer Edition
InterBase 2007 Developer Edition (for Windows, Linux and Solaris) and InterBase 2007 Server Edition (trial) as well as InterBase 7.5 Server trial are now available for download from the CodeGear website.

2006/12/04 - Chat with Ben Smith, CodeGear CEO
On Monday, December 4th at 19:00 GMT/UTC, join Ben Smith, CodeGear CEO, and David I in an open community chat on the BDNradio internet site. A replay of the audio broadcast and the chat log will be posted on the Developer Network after the event.

2006/11/06 - Two Weeks of Delphi/C++ Webinars
The Borland DTG Developer Relations team will be presenting ten live one-hour Delphi and C++ 2006 Webinars on BDNtv starting Monday, November 6, 2006 and ending Friday, November 17. Each live Webinar will cover a different product use and development theme.

2006/10/30 - Delphi Survey
Nick Hodges has just announced a Delphi Survey for 2006. In 12 sections of in total about 60 questions (it feels like 100), we are asked all kinds of useful information on the version/edition of Delphi we use, as well as the technologies used (and wanted, like .NET 2.0, UNICODE for VCL, CF, Vista), application types we develop, and much more.
Please do yourself and other Delphi developers a favour and take the time to fill out this survey!

2006/10/02 - Borland Developer Studio Free Software Bundle
Registered users of Borland Developer Studio can download additional professional products for free, including:

If you are a registered user of Borland Developer Studio 2006, you can download these tools now.

2006/09/25 - Turbo Delphi 2006 Professional Compiler Pack
The command line compilers are now available for download for registered users of Turbo Delphi Professional and Turbo C++ Professional.

2006/09/19 - (Turbo) Delphi Hotfix Roll-up
Borland Developer Tools Group / DevCo has just now signed-off a rollup of the previous BDS2006 hotfixes 1-6, except 2 and have now added three previously unreleased hotfixes 7-9! This hotfix rollup will work for all BDS2006 Update 2 editions and all the Turbo releases, all languages.

2006/09/18 - Free PDF on Turbo C++ / C++Builder Database Development
I've just published a free courseware manual on Turbo C++ / C++Builder Database Development, which can be downloaded in PDF format. Topics include BDE, dbGo for ADO, the ClientDataSet and dbExpress.
The contents of this Turbo C++ / C++Builder 2006 Database Development courseware manual is based on my articles about C++Builder 6 and Database Development that were published in the C++Builder Developer’s Journal in 2005. I’ve migrated the articles to C++Builder 2006 and Turbo C++ by retaking all screenshots and verifying the code and steps against the new version of the C++Builder IDE.
The free version of this Turbo C++ / C++Builder Database Development courseware manual is distributed in a PDF format that can only be read on a computer screen, and cannot be printed (nor can you select and copy text or code snippets from the document).

2006/09/04 - Turbo C++ FAQ
The Turbo Editions FAQ with Frequently asked questions (and answers) for Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++, and Turbo C# is now available.

2006/08/17 - InterXpress for Firebird 1.4.2 released!
Upscene Productions has announced version 1.4.2 of InterXpress for Firebird, their dbExpress driver for Firebird, available on Windows and Linux. A trial version for C++Builder can be downloaded (limited to 20 command cursors or 30 transactions - whichever comes first (limitation removed in licensed version)).

2006/08/08 - Turbo C++ (for Win32)
DevCo is bringing back the Turbo Editions: Turbo Delphi for Win32, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++ (Win32) and Turbo C# for .NET will be released on September 5th, 2006, both in a Free (Explorer) and affordable (less than US$ 500) Pro version. IMHO, this is a very good move, and will hopefully bring large numbers of new C++ developers to the DevCo community (and the TurboExplorer website).
Note that Turbo C++ includes the VCL components, so will be a cheaper solution that C++Builder 2006 (which also has the Delphi and C# personalities).

2006 July - GetPublished Article Contest
There's a new contest on the Borland Developer Network for the month July 2006: write an original technical article to be published on the Borland Developer Network (BDN) on any C++, C# or Java topic using a Borland development tool. The article should be a minimum of 2,000 words. Articles must be of a technical nature and may not reflect marketing information.

2006/07/01 - Delphi/C++ Product Roadmap
The updated Delphi/C++ Product Roadmap is published on BDN, with information on current C++ support in Delphi 2006, but also covers future enhancements (support for refactorings and unit testing) for C++ in Delphi Highlander, and even mentions managed C++ and ECO for C++ in Delphi Vista.

2006/06/30 - BDS Technical Publications Survey
Borland Developer Studio technical publications team is asking for your feedback on the documentation for Borland Developer Studio 2006 in this survey. Please let them know your preferences regarding the documentation, and contribute to the quality of the Borland Developer Studio documentation by filling out this survey.

2006/06/13 - BDS 2006 Hotfixes released
Borland has released hotfixes to address specific issues (in BDS 2006 Update #2), namely:

  1. This hotfix contains a fix for poppack.h. An invalid '#pragma option' was added to poppack.h which was causing alignment errors when building Windows applications.
  2. This hotfix updates the CaliberRM integration in BDS 2006 to work with CaliberRM Release 2 SP1. Do not apply this fix unless your CaliberRM server has been updated to that release.
  3. This hotfix contains a fix for customers who were unable to run the BDS2006 IDE after installing Update 2. For those customers, the IDE would start to load, and as soon as the splash screen was shown, it would disappear and the IDE would not run.
  4. This hotfix contains a fix for HTML Editor for international characters. In DBCS environment, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, international character in the HTML editor may become corrupted or lost.
  5. This hotfix addresses the delay when switching to the form designer view when the product is configured with a large number of component packages.
  6. This hotfix contains a fixes an issue where accented characters or far east characters in source code cause errors in C++ rename refactoring.
These hotfixes are also available from the Delphi Registered User Updates page.

2006/05/26 - Delphi SpeedUp 1.8
DelphiSpeedUp Delphi/BCB/BDS IDE plugin Version 1.8 is a plugin for Delphi/C++Builder 5/6/7/2005 and BDS 2006. It speeds up the time to load the IDE and it also improves the whole speed of the IDE. This is achieved by replacing some often used RTL functions by FastCode function that are optimized for the used CPU. It also adds some caches for function that work on filenames like ExpandFileName().

2006/04/18 - C++Builder 2006 Update #2
BDS 2006 (which includes C++Builder 2006) Update #2 is now available for download. For more information about the update, read the article on BDN, which also contains a nice section on deploying BDS 2006 applications.

2006/04/07 - C++Builder Programming Contest and Borland have just announced a donationware programming contest featuring Borland's C++Builder at The contest runs until July 14, 2006.

2006/03/06 - What’s New in C++Builder 2006
Jason Vokes has published an article on the Borland Developer Network site covering new features in C++Builder 2006.

2006/02/19 - C++Builder 2006 Trial Edition
The 30-day trial edition of Borland Developer Studio 2006 (including Delphi 2006, C++Builder 2006 and C#Builder 2006) is now available for download.

2006/02/08 - Borland seeks buyer for IDE division
Borland announced plans to seek a buyer for the portion of its business associated with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including the award-winning Borland Developer Studio (Delphi, C++Builder and C#Builder) and JBuilder product lines.
On Borland Developer Network, there's is a community letter by David I, as well as a letter from the CEO Tod Nielsen.

2006/02/01 - C/C++ Users Journal
The Februari 2006 issue of C/C++ Users Journal will be the least one. Some content may be moved to Dr.Dobbs Journal (at least you can get the back issues on the same DVD as Dr.Dobbs Journal now).
Remember that there's always the C++Builder Developer's Journal, for C++ as well as C++Builder specific coverage (both C++Builder 5 and 6, and the C++Builder personality in the new Borland Developer Studio).

2006/01/20 - Raize Components 4.0
Raize Components version 4.0 is now available, offering more than 125 VCL controls for Delphi and C++Builder, supporting Borland Developer Studio 2006 as well (Delphi 2006 and C++Builder 2006), so also the new VCL designer guidelines.

2005/12/16 - Delphi 2006 Update #1
Borland Developer Studio 2006 Update 1 English is now available on the Borland website. This update completes the functionality of the Preview Technology for C++ and C in Borland Developer Studio 2006.

2005/11/28 - Advantage Database Server 8.0
Sybase has released Advantage Database Server 8.0, a client/server database system targeted at users of Borland’s Delphi and C++ Builder development environments. The tool, which it acquired along with Extended Systems in October, is being released under Sybase’s iAnywhere subsidiary and is available now for Linux, NetWare and Windows.
Since it took over the product, Sybase claims to have redesigned the user interface to streamline workflow and simplify development. Also new in Advantage 8 is the ability to replicate data across multiple servers and to create database backups while the system is active. A new ANSI SQL scripting language permits developers to create triggers, stored procedures and other common database tasks to simplify database queries.

2005/11/29 - Launch of Delphi 2006 in The Netherlands
Anyone in The Netherlands is welcome to join us at the Delphi 2006 launch. Jason Vokes, David Intersimone, Bob Swart and Jeroen Pluimers will be hosting the event on Tuesday, 29th of November in Hoofddorp.

2005/11/17 - An Open Letter to the C++ Development Community
Transparency in Development: An update on our C++Builder progress, the Technology Preview of the C/C++ personality in Borland Developer Studio 2006, and a heads-up on what to expect in the next few months.

2005/11/06-10: Borland Developer Conference 2005
I'm one of the featured speakers at the Borland Developers Conferece 2005 (DevCon 2005 for short), doing sessions on ASP.NET Web Forms Development and Multi-Platform SOAP and Web Services.
A Conference Report is also in the works, and will be a mixture of blog postings and pictures that I hope to be able to upload.

2005/10/10 - Borland Developer Studio 2006
Borland has just announced new versions of Delphi, C++Builder and C#Builder, previously codenamed DeXter.
Delphi 2006, C++Builder 2006, and C#Builder 2006 are offered together as part of Borland Developer Studio; Borland's multi-language developer environment for Microsoft Windows and .NET applications. It is the only IDE that includes support for Delphi (both Win32 and .NET), C, C++ and C# applications within a single environment.
Delphi 2006, C++Builder 2006 and C#Builder 2006, all part of Borland Developer Studio, will be available for pre-order between Oct. 17 and Dec. 1, with customer shipments scheduled for early December.

2005/10/10 - BDNtv: Overview of C++Builder in Borland Developer Studio 2006
Watch this quick overview of the C++Builder personality of Borland Developer Studio 2006 in this BDNtv episode. The overview covers the new IDE features such as editor improvements, the extensive project options, new build features, developer productivity features, and more.

2005/09/27 - Delphi / C++Builder Roadmap
At EKon 9, David I did the opening keynote and presented - among others - a Delphi / C++Builder Roadmap, which was very interesting (to say the least).
Read my weblog or Danny Thorpe's for even more details on Delphi DeXter and Highlander!

2005/09/25 - C++Builder and DeXter
DeXter, the next version of Delphi, will contain a C++(Builder) personality, and can therefore be seen as the successor of C++Builder 6. For more news on this new version, see my special DeXter section, or my weblog

2005/08/05 - C++Builder and TClientDataSet
Remember my teaser on database development with C++Builder which was also published in the February issue of the C++Builder Developer's Journal? In that article I introduced and start a new series of articles covering database related technologies that are supported in C++Builder.
Available now as free sample from the C++Builder Developer's Journal is part IV - the article on the stand-alone TClientDataSet.

2005/07/12 - Bob Swart and Brian Long Team-Up
Bob Swart of Bob Swart Training & Consultancy and Brian Long of Brian Long Consultancy & Training Services are pleased to announce they are combining their knowledge and experience and now offer a complete range of training and consultancy services world-wide.
"Our combined forces will be used to cover a wider area, both in location and knowledge", said Bob Swart. "Working in combination will help satisfy our customers' diverse requirements more successfully", added Brian Long.
Bob will be available across The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and Brian will be available throughout the world upon request.
Training covers regular Win32 application development and various advanced topics focusing on specific Delphi and Win32 programming areas. Also .NET foundations, .NET application and component development, ASP.NET development, .NET Interoperability, migration and so on. Training will be based on the latest software, unless customers are bound to earlier product versions, and will use courseware manuals written and tested by ourselves.
Consultancy topics range from Win32 and Linux to .NET, using Borland Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix as well as C# and RemObjects' Chrome. Bob will continue to focus on web and database technologies, while Brian's specialities include general troubleshooting and debugging problems that elude home-grown solutions.

2005/07/01 - C++Builder Developers Journal Special Issue
The June 2005 Special Issue of the C++Builder Developers Journal was all about User-Interface Development, and is now available online for free (as a one time sample issue for non-subscribers to get an idea what the journal is all about). You can also download the issue in PDF format.

2005/06/20 - C++Builder Watch
Paul Gustavson has posted another blog entry about Customer Interest / Needs - .NET / Win32 / Win64?, where he concludes that for the Microsoft platform, the base infrastructure is not .NET, but the Windows API. Perhaps all we need is a VCL for Win64...

2005/06/16 - DavidI talks about C++Builder
Borland's David I talks about the future of C++Builder and other Borland products with U.K. based Bitwise Magazine.
Read the excerpts as posted on Paul Gustavson's blog.

2005/06/13 - C++Builder Hello World Application in DeXter
DeXter is the codename for the upcoming version of Delphi. At BDNtv you can see Borland's work in progress on their next generation C++ Win32 IDE, which brings C++Builder to the latest version of the Delphi IDE, using the UI, docking, and component palette. The C++Builder personality also uses exactly the same version of the VCL as that being used by Delphi. You can see a preview of the Project Manager and include paths with search, the structure pane, the new object inspector, new editor features such as code folding, synch edit, history view and the change tracking bar. And finally, notice the new debugging features that are available.
For more information on DeXter, see Dr.Bob's DeXter News page.

2005/05/17 - New Delphi Survey
Borland is offering us the chance to vote for what we think is important in the next version(s) of Delphi in a new Delphi Survey. Since the next release of Delphi will include C++Builder, make sure to check it out. This is your chance to have your say, so go for it!

2005/03/30 - VistaDB 2.0.14 embedded database released
VistaDB 2.0.14 embedded database engine update for VCL and .NET has been released. Features better .NET Provider performance, new VistaDBDataSet component that provides live data cursors that are fully compatible with .NET databound controls, managed Membership Provider for ASP.NET 2.0, improved In-Memory databases and tables for VCL and .NET, Visual Studio .NET 2005 ("Whidbey") support and more.
Delphi 5,6,7,2005 and C++Builder 5,6 fully supported.

2005/03/23 - Dr.Bob Examines... Data Access Technologies
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines column, which was also published in the February issue of the C++Builder Developer's Journal, I introduce and start a new series of articles covering database related technologies that are supported in C++Builder.

2005/03/06 - C++ in Delphi IDE
The latest BDNtv episode shows work in progress on C++ database development support in the next Delphi IDE. Watch this BDNtv episode to see the latest developments on the C++ personality for the Delphi IDE

2005/02/21 - C++Builder Survey
As you probably know, the next version of C++Builder will be integrated within the next major release of Delphi. Please use the new C++Builder Survey to provide Borland with feedback on what bugs you would like fixed and what new features you would like added.

2005/02/10 - C++Builder Developer's Journal CD-ROM
Get over 7 years worth of back issues of the C++Builder Developer's Journal on CD! This new and expanded version contains Volumes 1-8, which covers all of 1997-2004. Version 3.0 of our popular CD contains hundreds of articles, illustrations and source code examples, as well as PDF versions of all issues of the Journal, and has a new HTML index for easily browsing all article titles.
This expanded and updated version is available now for only $39.00.

2005/02/03 - C++Builder Live Chat Transcript
John Kaster has posted a transcript of the recent C++Builder chat, and you can also listen to the audio recording of the chat.

2005/01/31 - C++Builder Live Chat
C++Builder Live Audio Chat with Eli Boling on Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 11:15AM PST (19:15 GMT) In this live audio chat, Eli Boling (R&D) will discuss the C++Builder future and open letter.

2004/12/18 - BDNtv: C++Builder in Delphi
Borland has published a short but sweet BDNtv episode on C++Builder in Delphi, showing the designer, component palette, code editor and code insight, debugging, etc..

2004/12/15 - Allen Bauer on the Open Letter
Allen Bauer comments on the Borland C++ Open Letter in his weblog.

2004/12/14 - New Borland C++ Open Letter
Borland will continue to develop VCL-based C++. The next version of C++Builder will be part of the Delphi IDE family, enabling you to take advantage of the latest Delphi VCL and IDE framework and many of the new C++ features that you have requested. It is our intention to include this personality in or before the next major release of Delphi.
Dr.Bob says... Way to go, Borland! Thank you!!

2004/11/01 - Borland Communication
Paul Gustavson has received a phone call from Borland on October 28, 2004, and was given the opportunity to further elaborate on the community's needs and requirements as well as suggestions for putting BCB back in the hands of the community.

2004/10/22 - Open Community Letter sent
As acting spokesperson for the C++Builder user community, Paul Gustavson has posted the C++Builder Community Letter to the Borland Management Team.
The final version of the C++Builder Community Letter is also available at for community members to view.

2004/10/05 - Open Community Letter Signatures
The Open Community Letter to Borland Management (draft 1.7b) is now ready for your signatures (and feel free to add comments as well).

2004/09/25 - Open Community Letter to Borland Management
Paul Gustavson has written a first draft for the Open Community Letter to Borland Management, regarding the future of C++Builder. Please feel free to provide appropriate feedback.

2004/09/22 - BorCon 2004: A New Hope for C++Builder?
I've written a detailed public article about the Meet The C++ Team session for the C++Builder Developer's Journal.
In this session, there were four topics discussed: Starting with the Open Letter, then the future of C++Builder, the status of C++BuilderX, and finally C++ support in .NET...

2004/09/21 - Meet The C++ Team Report
For those of you who didn't read the report from Paul Gustavson, the Meet The C++ Team session at BorCon 2004 was a very special session. The team was very open to us about C++Builder, C++BuilderX and the "forces of nature" (or Powers-That-Be) that influence their future.
The C++Builder summary: between now and December 15th (this year!), Borland will decide if it's feasible to put a C++(Builder) personality into a future version of BDS (which is what I mentioned some time ago, having Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C# and C++ all in one IDE!).

2004/09/11-15: Borland Conference 2004 Report
Like previous years, I have written a "live" Conference Report on this website including details of all major events, Borland and 3rd-party announcements and session details.

2004/09/02 - Paul Gustavson's weblog
Paul Gustavson, co-author of the C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide, has started his weblog at, where he comments on his hopes and fears regarding the Future of Borland C++Builder...

2004/08/13 - Diamondback Rumours
In his weblog, Michael Swindell mentions and comments on some of the Diamondback Rumours that he has read in newsgroups and blogs.
There's an interesting comment there as well, when Michael responds to the question "what about the rumor that Diamondback will join Delphi, C++Builder and C# in a single IDE?" with the following answer: "Two thirds of that is true for Diamondback. There is a chance that all of it could eventually happen, so it's a rumor with potential."

2004/08/12 - Abakus VCL Summer Sale 20% Off
ABaecker has a Summer Sale: register now and save 20% on Abakus VCL (time limited offer).

2004/07/13 - C++Builder 6 Linker Update
Registered users of C++Builder 6 can now download the ilink32 version 5.66 Update from the C++Builder Downloads page. This update resolves an issue in ilink32 with an access violation when linking together large numbers of object files. It affects the compilation of VCL applications (see readme.html for more information).

2004/06/25 - C++Builder Developer's Journal
The June 2004 issue of the C++Builder Developer's Journal (our 85th issue) is available for free this month at the new site Damon Chandler is the new editor/publisher, and I'm one of the contributing editors - my latest article is about a TDataSource component editor.
If you're not yet a subscriber, this is your chance to the evaluate the Journal; if you find the content informative, please consider contributing to the community either by subscribing or by writing for us.

2004/05/13 - C++Builder version 9?
Yup, that's right: information has been leaking (in a controlled way) about a possible forthcoming new (VCL!) edition of C++Builder, with the version number 9. Just like there never was a C++Builder version 2, we will skip version 7 and 8 - most likely to get 'on par' with Delphi 9 at the time of shipping.
Official words still have to follow, but read Anders Ohlsson's blog for some more details. And Michael Swindell also mentions C++Builder in his blog now.

2004/05/09 - Open Letter on C++ Support
According to Anders Ohlsson's blog, there will be an Open Letter on C++ Support by Borland really soon now.

2004/04/29 - Kylix 3 for C++ and DB2
I have just published another article on the IBM DB2 - Borland web portal, about Kylix 3 for C++ and IBM DB2 UDB v8.1 on Linux. This article shows how to use the C++ edition of Kylix 3 to work with IBM DB2 UDB tables (the same code and techniques can be used with C++Builder 6 on Windows).
See also the complete list of articles that I wrote for the IBM DB2 - Borland web portal.

2004/04/14 - Jon Jenkinson (1963-2004)
After being ill for a long time, Jon Jenkinson, webmaster of The Bits and initiator of the C++Builder and other mailing lists has passed away Wednesday morning, 14th April 2004, in hospital in Newcastle (UK).
Jon was a big supporter of C++Builder, and without his C++Builder mailing list I'm not sure if we'd ever written the C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide (or the follow-up book).
Jon was also the previous webmaster for the UK-BUG Borland User Group, and I personally remember Jon from the tour of Edinburgh he gave me and my wife back in 2001 (where his wife Debra shared a dish of Haggis with me), and from the DCon events in the UK.
We'll miss you Jon. All the best to Debra and the rest of your family.

2004/03/19 - TeeChart Pro VCL / CLX version 7
Steema Software has released version 7 of TeeChart Pro VCL / CLX (including free and evaluation versions). New features include Delphi 8 VCL.NET support, 360 degree rotation, new Series styles, improved GIS-Mapping features, more Tee Functions and Chart Tools, Themes and color palettes, OpenGL gradients and export to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

2004/02/13 - What to Do With Kylix?
Nick Hodges has written an interesting weblog entry about his views on what to do with Kylix. I have to agree with him that Kylix desktop applications are unwieldy. However, this very week I helped deploy a command-line (XML processing) application on Linux, which was compiled with Kylix 3.
More often, however, I use the web server or web service capabilities of Kylix on Linux - using Linux as the server, and Kylix as a development environment for (web) server applications. For me, Kylix is already a server development tool.

2004/01/26 - The Borland C++ Bus - How Soon Will it Ride Again?
Paul Gustavson, co-author of the C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide, has posted the following allegory/commentary essentially to share what he feels captures the current pulse within the Borland user community (especially for C++ users) in a manner that we hope can be beneficial to those at Borland and others.

2004/01/18 - EWF vs. IntraWeb vs. ASP.NET
A comparative review, written by Lauchlan Mackinnon, comparing ExpressWeb Frameworks from Developer Express, IntraWeb from AtoZed software, and ASP.NET from Microsoft, has just been published on the Borland Developer Network website.

2003/12/15 - Migrating SQL Links to dbExpress
In this article, I will demonstrate two different data access technologies available to C++Builder developers when they want to connect to IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) tables, and need to work with the data inside those DB2 tables.
The BDE's SQL Links is Win32-specific and deprecated, and in this article an SQL Links application is migrated to the alternative, called dbExpress (a cross-platform technology that works in Windows and Linux).

2003/12/08 - C++BuilderX Update
Borland released an update for registered users of C++BuilderX. This update provides updated functionality and largely addresses several CORBA issues.
Also, the Technology Preview for the CBX RAD Designer can now be found at at CBX downloads page.

2003/11/14 - C++Builder 6 VCL "bridge" to C++BuilderX
Although I haven't heard the specific details, I have heard that the second Open Letter will address the VCL issues (specifically the future of VCL for C++Builder developers), and like suggested during the Meet the C++/Mobile Team session at BorCon, we may see some kind of "bridge" to support existing C++Builder VCL developers. For more details, we just have to wait for the official news, but stay tuned.

2003/11/12 - C++BuilderX Reviewed at DevX
Danny Kalev has written an article about C++BuilderX, warning existing C++Builder users to be prepared for some glitches in the learning curve.

2003/11/1-5: Borland Conference 2003
The 14th annual Borland Conference (and Borland's 20th Anniversary) was held from Saturday (Nov 1st) until Wednesday (Nov 5th), in San Jose, CA (USA). I've done a pre-conference tutorial (on XML & SOAP), a session about dbExpress, and a Birds-of-a-Feather session on RemObjects SDK.
The latest C++Builder(X) news and updates were reported "live" from BorCon in San Jose and can be read in my special BorCon Report at

2003/10/30 - Open Letter to the Borland C++ Developer Community
J.P. LeBlanc, Vice President and General Manager of the Borland C++ and Mobile Business Unit, writes an open letter to members of the Borland C++ developer community on details and migration to C++BuilderX, Borland's latest offering for C++.

2003/10/22 - C++Builder 6 and C++BuilderX
While we're all waiting for the two Open Letters from Borland to explain Borland's plans for C++BuilderX and the future of the VCL in C++BuilderX, I can't help but wonder if this means the end of the C++Builder 6 product line (just as Borland C++ 5.0x was the last of the pure Borland C++ development environments - still in use today by some people).

2003/10/14 - Borland C++BuilderX available for download
I just noticed that both the Enterprise Trial Edition as well as the Personal Edition of Borland C++BuilderX are now available for download.
For more C++BuilderX specific news, please bookmark my C++BuilderX section at

2003/10/13 - Borland C++ Open Letter
On or before October 17th, Borland will publish an Open Letter about Borland C++, C++Builder and C++BuilderX, explaining Borland's plans for C++ development. One thing is sure: there are great things coming from Borland for developers who use C++.

2003/10/12 - Advantage Database Server 7.0
The Advantage team at Extended Systems has announced that Advantage Database Server 7.0 is now available. Significant new functionality incorporated into version 7.0 includes triggers, communications compression, full text search, a type 4 JDBC driver, money field data type support, plus SQL and other enhancements.

2003/09/17 - Borland C++BuilderX and wxWindows
According to wxWindows, Borland has adopted wxWindows as the C++ framework for its forthcoming C++BuilderX product. Borland has been contributing expertise and funding to help in areas such as enhanced run-time type information, the new build system and code reengineering, and will continue to invest in wxWindows while supporting its open source status.

2003/09/16 - C++BuilderX
Borland C++BuilderX is a completely new framework for C and C++ development giving you a multiplatform development environment on Windows, Linux and Solaris. This new generation of a C++ development toolset is built on a new development platform enabling you to use the compilers and debuggers of your choice, such as Borland C++, the GNU Compiler Collection, Sun Forte C++, Intel C++, Microsoft Visual C++ and others.
Borland C++BuilderX will be available in three editions: Enterprise, Developer, and Personal. There is also a C++BuilderX Mobile Edition and Together Edition for C++BuilderX. You can already download the C++BuilderX mobile SDKs.

2003/09/15 - Borland Announced C++BuilderX
Borland announced today the launch of Borland C++BuilderX, a new C++ integrated development environment (IDE) and Borland Enterprise Studio for C++, the first technology independent application lifecycle management suite designed to address the increased complexity of modern-day application development in the C++ programming language. Both C++BuilderX and Borland Enterprise Studio for C++, address six important mega-trends/pain-points inside of organizations using C++:

  1. Continuing use of C++ to build scalable and high-performance applications related to performance computing
  2. Demand for multi-platform support as applications continue to migrate from UNIX to Linux
  3. Support and maintenance requirements for millions of lines of C++ legacy code
  4. Growth of mobile and embedded device computing that use C++
  5. Broad demand for ANSI/ISO compliance for C++ compilers due to incompatibility between existing C++ environments
  6. The need to manage multiple compilers and debuggers on multiple platforms
The C++BuilderX IDE core is based on PrimeTime (also the core of the JBuilder IDE), and no support for VCL is mentioned.

2003/09/01 - Borland Conference Europe
The 2003 European Borland Conference, has been rescheduled to November 10-12 in Amsterdam. I'm part of the Advisory Board, and we've selected good sessions from well-known and respected Speakers, for Borland Developers from all over Europe, enabling access to the latest information on .NET and Borland.

2003/08/22 - C++Builder 6 meets C# ASP.NET Web Services
In this August 2003 Dr.Bob Examines column, I use the .NET Framework SDK and C# together with C++Builder and examine how C# and C++Builder can be "connected" to each other using ASP.NET web services.

2003/07/28 - MJFSecurity 5 for C++Builder
MJFSecurity from MJ Freelancing is a comprehensive security suite for your C++Builder applications. MJFSecurity 5 comes in a Standard and a Professional edition for C++Builder 5 and 6 (see the full product matrix).

2003/07/22 - JfControls version 040716
JfActiveSoft has released a new version (040716) of JfControls with many important improvements and novelties. JfControls now includes two new utilities: JfControls Translator (to translate your application) and PkgExplorer (to deal with the images contained inside our "packages").

2003/07/14 - Dr.Bob Examines C#Builder
In my latest Dr.Bob Examines article, I'll cover Borland C#Builder, the C# development environment from Borland to build native .NET Framework 1.1 applications. I'll tell you where to find more information (like some articles I wrote earlier), and refer you to helpful resources like user groups, journals, training, and more.

2003/06/30 - TurboPower OfficePartner at SourceForge
TurboPower's OfficePartner is now available from SourceForge. OfficePartner is the easy way to integrate your projects with Microsoft Office; you can access COM services in Microsoft Office with easy to use VCL components.

2003/06/19 - Tiriss releases ChangeRes 1.0
Tiriss has just released version 1.0 of ChangeRes. With ChangeRes you can change the version information (stored in the project.res file) of your Delphi and C++Builder projects from the command line or batch file.

2003/05/09 - DB2 UDB and SOAP: Database Web Services Follow-up with DataSnap
This new article shows how to add authentication to DataSnap applications using a special Login method; points out that the importance of combining this with SSL certificates for increased security; and describes how to deploy the DataSnap server application on a Web server machine.

2003/05/06 - Borland C#Builder announced
Borland has just announced C#Builder for the Microsoft .NET Framework, to be available June 6th, 2003 in four editions: Personal, Professional, Enterprise, and Architect. A special upgrade price is available for current Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder or Kylix users: $499 for C#Builder Professional (upgrade) and $999 for C#Builder Enterprise (upgrade).
For more information about C#Builder, see the C#Builder Visions section of this website.

2003/05/05 - Borland C++ Mobile Edition for Nokia Series 60
Nokia and Borland announced the availability of the Borland® C++ Mobile Edition for Series 60, Nokia Edition. Available without charge from Nokia or Borland.
The Series 60 Platform, licensed to Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo and Siemens, runs on top of the Symbian OS - the first mobile operating system fully supported by Borland C++. Current Series 60 devices include the Nokia 7650 and 3650 imaging phones and the recently announced Nokia N-Gage™ game deck.

2003/04/25 - C#Builder Sneak Preview Comments
Paul Gustavson (co-author of the C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide) has made some detailed comments and observations about the first C#Builder Sneak Preview from Borland.

2003/04/25 - Drill into DB2 UDB Tables for Decision Support
This new DB2 article on the IBM-Borland portal demonstrates how you can build decision-support functionality by drilling into IBM DB2 Universal Database tables using the Decision Cube component of Borland C++Builder.

2003/04/24 - glibc update for Kylix 3 C++ package loading
Linux distributions using glibc 2.2.x may encounter issues loading the database and SOAP packages for the Kylix 3 IDE for C++. This patch resolves that issue.

2003/03/28 - Data Entry Input Validation
This new DB2 article from me, published on the new IBM-Borland portal shows you how to build data entry forms on top of IBM DB2 Universal Database as database tables and records, and how to perform data entry input validation using Delphi, Kylix, and C++Builder.

2003/03/26 - C++Builder Mobile Edition 1.1
Now also available for registered users from the Nokia website (at 313 MB). The Borland C++ Mobile Edition for Series 60, Nokia Edition enables application development for devices based on the Series 60 platform using C++. This complete toolkit includes a restricted version of the Borland C++Builder Version 6 Personal Edition which is optimized for the rapid development of native Nokia Series 60 applications. The kit also includes the Series 60 SDK version 0.9, Nokia Edition, a Perl environment and Java runtime as well as the C++ Mobile edition plug-in from Borland. The SDK includes a Series 60 device emulator and Nokia as well as Symbian example sources.
The C++ Mobile plug-in for the C++Builder IDE provides direct and seamless access to the external SDK building tools via the project building process or single explicit calls from the menu and additional information and help files which will be available directly from inside the IDE environment. This tool supports the full development cycle including source code editing with a comfortable C++ aware Code Editor, the compiling and building process, local debugging and also direct deployment to an actual device through Nokia PC Connectivity Suite.

2003/03/24 - C++Builder 6 Update 4 Released (German, French and Japanese)
Registered users of C++Builder 6 can now download the German, French or Janapese edition of the C++Builder update pack 4. For more information, see the article on Borland Developer Network.

2003/03/21 - C++Builder Mobile Edition 1.1
Anders Ohlsson has written a short and sweet introduction on how to build some sample mobile applications using Borland C++Builder 6 (with Update 4 applied) and the C++Builder Mobile Edition 1.1 plug-in.

2003/03/16 - Q3: Borland Enterprise Studio for C++
Apart from the Borland Enterprise Studio for .NET - which is planned for the end of the second quarter 2003, Borland also seems to be working on an Enterprise Studio for C++ to follow in the third quarter, said Frank Slootman to CRN.

2003/03/06 - Borland C++ Mobile Edition 1.1
Registered users of purchased versions of C++Builder 6 can now download Borland C++ Mobile Edition 1.1 from the Update link on the Registered Users Page. Note that the download is 220,632,526 bytes.
Borland C++ Mobile Edition for Series 60 includes the Borland Mobile Edition plug-in; the Series 60 SDK 0.9, Nokia Edition; JRE 1.3.1; and Perl 5.6.1. The plug-in is an add-on to C++Builder that allows you to import, write, build, debug, test, and deploy applications for mobile devices. You use the API from the Series 60 SDK 0.9, Nokia Edition within the applications. Borland C++ Mobile Edition for Series 60 provides an integrated development environment and the Series 60 SDK provides the classes and member functions that you use in your mobile applications.

2003/03/03 - IBM's DB2 and C++Builder 6
You can now read my latest IBM DB2 article, this time using Borland's C++Builder 6 Enterprise and dbExpress. Forthcoming articles (from me) using DB2 and Borland RAD Tools will show both C++(Builder) and Delphi source code. Stay tuned for more.

2003/02/28 - C++Builder 6 Companion CD on-line
The companion CD submissions for Borland's IDE products are now available for download - you can now browse the C++Builder 6 Companion CD.

2003/02/26 - C++Builder 6 Update 4 Released
Registered users of C++Builder 6 can now download C++Builder update pack 4. For more information, see the article on Borland Developer Network (which also explains what happened to Update 3 ;-)

2003/02/17 - Shell+ 2.1 Released
Version 2.1 of Shell+ Components has been released. Two new components are included in this release. These components are designed to be used for general shell extension development (Additional FolderColumns and Shell Overlay extension). The namespace extensions support is improved too, supporting clipboard operations, drag'n'drop operations, common dialogs and other features.

2003/02/12 - C++Builder 6 Jolt Award 2002 Finalist
C++Builder 6 Enterprise is one of the Jolt Award 2002 Finalists in the Languages and Development Environments catagory, just like JBuilder 8 Performance Bundle.
Delphi isn't mentioned anywhere, but Dr.Bob's Delphi Clinic is listed as one of the 20 finalists in the Reader Nominees: Websites and Developer Networks category.

2003/02/05 - Qt.hpp replacement for C++Builder 6
Brian Long has written an article about his unofficial replacement for Qt.hpp for C++Builder 6 to allow Qt programming to actually work.

2003/02/04 - Printing with CLX in C++Builder 6
Brian Long has also written an article that describes the fact that C++Builder 6 has no printing support in CLX applications (the article shows a way how to fix it).

2003/02/01 - C++Builder 5 De-Supported
C++Builder 5 and earlier editions are now officially de-supported, and are no longer eligible for Technical Support.

2003/01/31 - TurboPower Progress Update
The easiest way to get a listing and links to all of our SourceForge projects is to go to tpsfadmin, the 'master' account we use to administer the open source projects.
Source code has been released and posted to SourceForge for the following projects: Async Professional, Async Professional CLX, B-Tree Filer, Essentials, FlashFiler, Internet Professional, LockBox, OnGuard, Orpheus, and ShellShock.

2003/01/29 - InterBase 7.0 Trial Available
An article on the Borland Developer Network reports that the trial version of InterBase 7 is now available for download for Linux, Solaris and Windows. For more information, see the InterBase 7 Trial Technical Specifications.

2003/01/24 - C++Builder 6 to Kylix 3 (for C++)
Borland C++Builder registered users can download a new "update" for C++Builder 6, which consist of a Project Conversion Utility - capable of converting a C++Builder 6 project to Kylix 3 (and back) The same download is also available on the Borland Kylix 3 registered users updates page.

2003/01/20 - Raize Software releases Raize Components 3
Raize Software, Inc. announced the availability of Raize Components 3, the latest release of the company's highly-acclaimed VCL component library for Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder. More than 30 new components have been introduced bringing the total to over 115. In addition, all components in the library have been enhanced in some manner--be it in appearance, functionality, or architecture.

2003/01/15 - Borland C++Builder Developer Survey 2003
This survey should take about 8 to 10 minutes to answer questions about your C++Builder development and related topics. The intent of this survey is to get feedback on current and desired features for future releases of C++ products from Borland. Your answers have a direct impact on future product releases!
As a thank you for taking time to complete the survey, Borland will select five winners to receive a free Borland RAD Enterprise software product of their choice. All prize winners will be selected by random drawings from all eligible entries received. Winners will be notified via e-mail. The drawing will be held on February 15, 2003.

2003/01/13 -
It's been up-and-running for two weeks now, but for those of you who didn't notice yet: apart from (this website), I also have a .NET specific entrance at - with subtopics about C#, ASP.NET, SOAP and Delphi for .NET.
All Delphi for .NET related news will now be published mainly on the special Delphi for .NET page.

2003/01/11 - AQtime v3 by AutomatedQA
AutomatedQA has announced AQtime v3 - a complete, top-to-bottom performance profiler and memory usage debugger for Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++Builder, Intel C++, GCC and Compaq Visual Fortran applications. AQtime offers over twenty built-in profilers/debuggers and productivity tools that work in unison to give you all the information you need.

2003/01/07 - C++Builder Developer's Guide
According to and, the much anticipated C++Builder Developer's Guide is now shipping!
I have written six C++Builder 6 chapters (on dbExpress, BizSnap, XML Document Programming, SOAP & Web Services, DataSnap, and WebSnap) and can assure you that the book will be worth the wait.

The table of contents of the C++Builder Developer's Guide is now available (although it may still change a bit here and there), and I've also heard that the publisher plans to put the entire previous edition (the bestselling C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide) in PDF-format on the CD with this new book!

2002/12/31 - IBM's DB2 and DataSnap
I've written a new article on the IBM DB2 - Borland portal: Create distributed DB2 apps with DataSnap. This article shows you how to create distributed applications with thin clients and a database server tier using Borland Delphi, Kylix, C++Builder and DB2.

2002/12/17 - JfControls from JfActiveSoft
JfActiveSoft has released a new version (031213) of JfControls with many important improvements and novelties. This new version includes new components and internal enhancements in order to increase the performance of your applications, even if they have lots of graphics, backgrounds, colors, etc.
Now their multilists system of embedded windows will allow you to dock/undock your forms and the popup windows can be resized. JfControls is based on a quite innovative packages technology, which will allow to your applications dynamical changes of appearance and language, at design but also at runtime, the suit also provides support for skins, super-menus, panels-menus, super-labels, controls with annexed labels, edition fields with annexed buttons, grids with grouping capabilities for columns, filters, sorting, totals, sub-totals, trees, multi-key dblookupcombobox and much more.

2002/11/24 - Borland C++Builder 6 Update
A new C++Builder 6 update has been made available for download on the registered C++Builder 6 users webpage. The update contains special Borland Enterprise Server, VisiBroker Edition debug libraries for use with Borland C++Builder 6.

2002/11/15 - Shell+ Components version 2.0
Version 2.0 of Shell+ Components has been released, with the namespace extensions support, new TSxIconList component, new TSxSystemCursor component, new feature for TSxInfoTip component - modifying of default system info tip, support of bitmaps on the property sheets for TSxShellPropSheet component, animated 32-bit icons for TSxTrayIcon component, improved support of TPopupMenu functionality for TSxContextMenu component, Unicode support for several components, Delphi 7 support and C++Builder 6 support. With Shell+ Components you can develop the following Shell extensions:

2002/11/13 - Borland Introduces C++ Mobile Edition
Borland has introduced C++ Mobile Edition, extending the support of Borland enhanced mobile application development. Jointly developed with Nokia, the Borland C++ Mobile Edition offers a fully integrated (within all editions of C++Builder 6) development environment for the Nokia Series 60 platform, which runs on the Symbian OS. Developers who have existing Symbian C++ mobile applications may import them to Borland C++ Mobile Edition which is designed not to require a single rewrite of code, gaining the benefits of Borland C++Builder 6 integrated development environment.
Borland C++ Mobile Edition will be available in late November and will ship with Borland C++Builder 6 Enterprise and Professional editions. Existing Borland C++Builder 6 customers can visit to order a CD or contact their local Borland office for more information.
Developers can learn more about Series 60 and download the Series 60 SDK from Nokia's global developer site. Upon release, the Nokia Series 60 C++ Toolkit will include a restricted version of Borland C++Builder 6 Personal edition, the Borland C++ Mobile Edition plug-in and the Nokia Series 60 SDK.

2002/11/06 - C++Builder 6 Documentation Update
Available for Registered C++Builder 6 Users, this documentation update supports compiler changes that were introduced with BCB6 Software Update #2. The documentation patch fixes a bug that resulted in the compiler help displaying the wrong warning message for the compiler when the user pressed the F1 key. This documentation patch resynchronizes the documentation with the compiler warning so the correct documentation displays.

2002/10/31 - Borland to Acquire TogetherSoft
Borland announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held TogetherSoft Corporation for $82.5 million in cash and 9,050,000 shares of Borland common stock.
TogetherSoft solutions simplify and integrate design and analysis with development of complex software applications. TogetherSoft's solutions operate with all major enterprise platforms and languages, including Java, C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, and C#.

2002/10/17 - FireBird Express beta
The first beta of Firebird Express - a database driver for FireBird that supports Borlands dbExpress technology, is available from Upscene Productions. Currently supported are Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6 - Delphi 7 and Kylix 3 versions available as soon as possible.
With Firebird Express you have access to Firebird and all its features. Firebird Express comes in three versions:

2002/10/11 - TXMLDocument for C++Builder 6 Professional
Paul Gustavson has posted a package to Code Central that enables TXMLDocument for Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6 Professional users. This material is extracted from SAMS' forthcoming book C++Builder Developer's Guide (2nd Edition).

2002/10/07 - IBM DB2 and Borland Zone
A new portal has been created to support the cooperation between IBM's DB2 and Borland's RAD development environments such as Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix.

2002/10/04 - C++Mobile Edition
John Kaster confirmed in the Borland newsgroups that Borland plans to make Version 1 of the C++ Mobile Edition available Q4 2002 (this quarter).

2002/09/22 - Public Beta 2: C++Builder 6 Type Library Importer
There is now a second public beta for the C++Builder 6 type library importer. This new beta fixes code generation when importing type libraries. Interface chaining, wrapped interface parameter lists, missing left parenthesis, and incorrect interface pointers are now correctly generated.

2002/09/19 - JfControls from JfActiveSoft
JfActiveSoft has released a new version (030913) of JfControls with many important improvements and novelties. This new version includes new components and internal enhancements in order to increase the performance of your applications, even if they have lots of graphics, backgrounds, colors, etc. JfControls is based on an innovative packages technology that allows to your applications dynamical changes of appearance and language, as much at design as at runtime, the suit also provides support for skins, super-menus, panels-menus, super-labels, controls with annexed labels, edition fields with annexed buttons, grids with grouping capabilities for columns, filters, sorting, totals, sub-totals, trees, multi-key dblookupcombobox and much more.

2002/09/18 - C++Builder 6 eXtreme Toybox
IBXtras is available for download (for registered users) as first item in the C++Builder 6 eXtreme Toybox. IBXtras introduces five new Borland InterBase Express (IBX) components - IBConnectionBroker, IBDatabaseINI, IBSQLParser, IBScript and IBFilterDialog (in both VCL and Clx forms).

2002/09/12 - C++Builder 6 Plum Hall test suite results
The Plum Hall test suite results query application originally published for C++Builder 4 has been updated with the results for C++Builder 5 and 6.

2002/08/29 - C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide
C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide has now sold over 12,000 copies, and is translated into other languages (such as Polish, Russian and Simplified Chinese).
Only 1398 of the 2048 pages could be bound in one book, but the entire book is also available as PDF-file on the CD-ROM (some chapters are only available on CD).
There has been a second printing, in which the PDF file that comes with the book (containing everything - even the chapters that were not printed on paper) was updated with a TOC with links in the navigation pane and links from the index.
The book is reviewed by Brian Long for the UK-BUG Developer's Magazine.
Check the Table of Contents and the updated errata of this book (for which I wrote more than 120 pages myself on topics like WebBroker, InternetExpress, MIDAS, Active Server Pages/Objects and ActiveForms),

2002/08/22 - C++Builder 6 Update 2
It's been available for 10 days now, but the Borland Developer Network has now published an (incomplete) list of things that have been fixed in C++Builder 6 Update 2.

2002/08/19 - IBM's DB2 with Borland's RAD Tools
IBM and Borland will team-up and bundle trial editions of Borland's RAD tools with IBM's DB2 and vice versa. IBM will bundle Borland's Delphi 7 Studio Architect, C++Builder Enterprise and Kylix Enterprise 30-day trial versions with the most current version of DB2 Universal Developer's Edition and Personal Edition.
Borland will offer DB2 Universal Developer's Edition with Delphi 7 Studio Architect and Enterprise, C++Builder Enterprise and Kylix. Borland said bundling would begin "later this summer".

2002/08/13 - Kylix 3 Trial Download
The Kylix 3 Enterprise Trial edition is now available for download (at 111 MBytes). A Trial Edition of InterBase 6.5 is also available (to use with Kylix).

2002/08/12 - C++Builder 6 Update 2
C++Builder 6 Update 2 is now available from the C++Builder 6 Registered Users section (meaning that only registered users of C++Builder 6 can login to download the update).

2002/08/02 - Web Services
Build your own Product Detail Page with Web Services! Powered by XML, this new platform enables you to display dynamic product information and's best merchandising features (Customer Reviews, Customers Also Bought, Add to Shopping Cart, and more).

2002/07/24 - Borland Kylix 3 Announced
Borland has announced Kylix 3 - the Delphi and C++ IDE for Linux. Apart from the press release, there's now also Kylix 3 information available in PDF-format, such as the Data Sheet, the FAQ, the System Requirements, the Features & Benefits, and the Feature Matrix itself.
Also available now is a PDF-file with information about What's new in Kylix 3

2002/07/23 - Kylix 3: C++ for Linux
According to eWeek, Borland is about to announce Kylix 3 - containing both a Delphi and C++ IDE for Linux. With Kylix 3 we will be able to write C++ applications for Linux, using CLX to turn them into cross-platform applications (for Kylix 3 and C++Builder 6).
See the Kylix Kicks page for more news and the official announcement (when it's ready).

2002/07/03 - Reader's Choice Awards
You can now cast your vote for the Reader's Choice Awards, which contains seven categories. C++Builder 6 is nominated in the Best Windows Development Tool category.

2002/05/26 - BorCon 2002 C++Builder News
Summary: Borland previewed C++ technologies (codename Edison) for 2.5G/3G Mobile Applications on Symbian. Kylix 3 (codename Cortez) will ship in 2002, and will contain a Delphi as well as C++ IDE. Finally, Borland previewed a programming language for Web Services creation & scripting (codename Charlotte)

2002/05/18-22: Borland Conference 2002
The 13th annual Borland Conference is held this week from Saturday (May 18th) until Wednesday (May 22nd), in Anaheim, CA (USA). I'm doing four sessions myself, with potentially an additional two bird-of-a-feather sessions, so stay tuned.
The latest news and updates will be reported "live" from BorCon in Anaheim and can be read in my special BorCon Report.

2002/05/15 - Future of BDE and SQL Links
An article is published on the Borland Community website in which the Borland RAD Team reveals the plans for future database access in Delphi and C++Builder.
Basically, dbExpress will replace SQL Links (which won't be included after 2002), and the BDE is 'frozen' (dBASE and Paradox tables are recommended to be migrated to InterBase 6).

2002/05/14 - Kylix 3: C++Builder for Linux
At the CttM in The Netherlands, Jason Vokes of Borland EMEA talked about Kylix 3, which will combine Delphi (Kylix) and C++Builder for Linux in one box! Jason even showed how to build a WebService using C++Builder for Linux. According to Jason Vokes, Kylix 3 could be expected in "Summer 2002"!
For those who can read Dutch, I have written a more detailed report (which also mentions the .NET command-line compiler from Borland) on my eBob42 website.

2002/05/03 - Using the Web App Debugger
Debugging Web applications has long frustrated Delphi and C++Builder developers (and prompted me to write IntraBob in the past). However, these troubled days were over with the release of Delphi/C++Builder 6, which include Web App Debugger!
My latest article for TechRepublic (at shows how this tool will make your life easier.

2002/04/19 - XML interface now offers an XML interface to associates (like me), so we now have the flexibility to display dynamic product information in any way you choose. Take a look at my example how to search using XML and WebSnap (implemented in Delphi 6 and Kylix 2).

2002/04/14 - Abakus VCL 2.5
ABaecker has just released Abakus VCL version 2.5, with support for C++Builder 6 as well as support for multiline text captions on all binary controls.

2002/04/11 - Borland Development Studio for .NET
Borland has just announced that it will preview a development studio for the Microsoft .NET Framework at the 2002 Microsoft Tech-Ed Conference. More information will follow later.

2002/04/11 - Borland C++Builder MobileSet
Borland will be presenting both their JBuilder MobileSet and introducing the C++Builder MobileSet at Symbian Developer Expo in London on April 23rd and 24th.

2002/04/10 - C++Builder 6 Enterprise Upgrade Offers
Apart from the C++Builder 6 Enterprise 60-day trial version, there are now also some new upgrade offers announced for C++Builder 6.

2002/04/09 - C++Builder 6 Enterprise Trial
The C++Builder 6 Enterprise 60-day trial edition is now available for download (note that the file is 174 MBytes).

2002/04/06 - WebSnap CGI with Login and Sessions
Some of you may have read my article in the March 2002 issue of The Delphi Magazine already. In this article, I'll explain that WebSnap session management using the TSessionsService component is not available for every possible target (not without using the alternate TCookieSessionsService). Specifically, you'll find it won't work at all for CGI applications. In this article, I'll explain what the problem is, what to do about it, and how I solved it for my own situation using WebSnap CGI web server applications (written in Delphi 6 Enterprise as well as Kylix 2 Enterprise, but also applicable to C++Builder 6 Enterprise).

2002/04/02 - C++Builder 6 eXtreme Toybox
Registered Users of C++Builder 6 can now visit the special C++Builder 6 Registered Users page to download the C++Builder 6 eXtreme Toybox (which at this time contains ibxtras_bcb603.exe - 5 new Borland InterBase Express (IBX) components).

2002/03/27 - Updated SOAP and DataSnap papers
My latest Delphi WebBroker application is the updated dynamic paper configurator and generator. The new version shows lots of different ways for a SOAP Server Application (in Delphi 6.02, C++Builder 6, Delphi 6/6.01, or Kylix 2 Enterprise) to use a SOAP Data Module to export the Biolife dataset to a SOAP Client Application (again in Delphi 6.02, C++Builder 6, Delphi 6/6.01, or Kylix 2 Enterprise) using a SoapConnection component.

2002/03/21 - Public Beta: dbExpress Informix IDS 9.2 driver
You can now download a public beta test version of the new dbExpress driver for Informix for use with Delphi 6 or C++Builder 6 Enterprise from CodeCentral.

2002/03/18 - C++Builder 6 Documentation Update
An error in the automated processing of certain Help system components in C++Builder 6 caused the exclusion of the OpenTools API elements in the linking and indexing mechanisms and in the table of contents. Registered Users of C++Builder 6 can now download a help update that refreshes the current index, links, and TOC so that we can access OpenTools API topics directly from these areas.

2002/03/17 - New C++Builder 6 VCL Poster
Available for Registered Users of C++Builder 6: an updated Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the C++Builder 6 Hierarchy Chart. The 130K file replaces the BCB6VCLPoster.pdf file on your installation CD. You can download the file to any location on your hard disk (suggested location: \CBuilder6\Help).

2002/03/04 - Patch for C++Builder 6 Upgraders
Only people who upgraded from C++Builder 5 to C++Builder 6 have a problem when tring to install or compile Pascal components with C++Builder 6. This problem, which doesn't exist in the "regular" C++Builder 6 versions, can be solved with the C++Builder 6 update patch 1
The patch can also be applied to regular (non-upgrade) editions of C++Builder, in which case the word confidential from the about box will disappear.

2002/02/28 - Public Beta: STLport 4.5 for C++Builder 6
You can now download the complete source for STLport 4.5 (as public beta), with changes that have been made since we shipped C++Builder 6. It is available on CodeCentral. The zip file contains the complete source and documentation for the project.

2002/02/27 - Programming Contest: Multi-Threaded Application
A new Borland Community Programming Contest has been organised. The first contest will run from Tuesday, Feb 26, 2002 until Friday, Mar 29, 2002.
The goal this first time is to write a multi-threaded application (using a Borland tool) that can visually show its progress (of the multiple threads).

2002/02/22 - Microsoft ComCtrls
In this new article on the Borland Community website, Eddie Churchill describes the pitched battle to maintain compatibility with the XP version of ComCtrls, and also discusses support for XP themes.

2002/02/20 - Delphi 6 Update 2
Delphi 6 Update 2 has just been released. This is an important update, since it not only fixes a number of defects, but also makes sure that Delphi 6 and C++Builder 6 can co-exist on the same system! The Borland Community article contains the list of fixes.

2002/02/19 - C++Builder 6 Upgrade issues
John Kaster has written a short but helpful Borland Community article that provides information on resolving problems compiling Delphi (Pascal-style) source code with C++Builder 6 upgrade versions.

2002/02/13 - Borland's .NET Strategy
Borland has announced its .NET Strategy, which can also be read on the Borland Community website. According to this, the Borland strategy for the .NET platform features Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix and JBuilder, that support the capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework, including ASP.NET and application interoperability through XML Web Services. During the second half of 2002, Borland plans to release development products that support the .NET platform optimized on Intel Architecture.
For more information, read the comments by SD Times, and the FAQ on the Borland .NET website, or my own .NET section.

2002/02/12 - Dr.Bob on DevX #8 - XML and XSL
I have written my 8th article in the Delphi 10-Minute Solution column (as Delphi Pro) on DevX. This new 10-Minute Solution shows how to convert XML Documents into different formats with the XSL Template language - a feature available in Delphi 6, Kylix 2 and now also C++Builder 6.

2002/02/11 - C++ in a Nutshell
Ray Lischner, author of Delphi in a Nutshell is currently writing C++ in a Nutshell for O'Reilly. The book is expected to be published in Q4 2002.
During the development of this book, the author will publish chapters for public comment. This is your opportunity to help ensure that C++ in a Nutshell is the best reference manual for C++ available anywhere!

2002/02/08 - C++Builder 6 Preview
The Borland Community website has just published an article with a preview of C++Builder 6, showing a number of new features that increase the speed of development (the IDE), enhancements to the Project Manager, STL Support, and last but not least Web Services.

2002/02/05 - C++Builder 6 Announced
Borland C++Builder 6 has just been announced, featuring all the goodies we know from Delphi 6 and Kylix 2 such as BizSnap (XML & SOAP), WebSnap, DataSnap, CLX and more (see the feature matrix and datasheet).
C++Builder 6 is expected to become available in the usual three editions (Enterprise, Professional and Personal) on February 8th, 2002 (that's this Friday!). A free 60-day trial version of C++Builder 6 Enterprise will be available for download.

2002/02/04 - C++Builder 6 in the News
It was not even officially announced, but C++Builder 6 is already mentioned in some places. According to InfoWorld, Borland will on Tuesday (that's today) announce the second piece in its C++ plan. I guess that would be C++Builder 6, which - according to Alison Deane, senior director of product marketing at Borland - "brings Web services to the C++ development community"
Stay tuned for more news.

2002/01/28 - Borland C++ Strategies
Borland has just announced its plans for C++ in 2002, which include three new C++ environments, including a C++ RAD development environment for Linux in the first half of 2002. Combined with the also announced new version of C++Builder, this means cross-platform Linux/Windows development using C++. The third C++ environment is for the Symbian OS-based platform for mobile devices, as reported earlier.
For more information about Borland's C++, Linux, and Web Services strategies, visit Borland in Booth #1371 at LinuxWorld at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, January 30-February 1, 2002.

2002/01/25 - C++Builder
In an interview with InfoWorld, Alison Deane (senior director of product marketing at Borland) said "We are taking our C++ development solution to the Linux platform."
She added that Borland plans to announce C++Builder for Windows next month, but declined to provide details.

2002/01/05 - Borland C++ RAD for Linux
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will contain some interesting sessions this year, including one about Rapid C++ Development for Linux by John Ray Thomas (JT), Borland's Linux RAD Product Manager, giving a special sneak preview of the upcoming Borland C++ RAD support for Linux.
Borland would also like to extend a special invite to Linux gurus with tons of C++ experience to get a chance to be part of their Field Test program for the C++ version of the Kylix product.

Also available: older C++Builder News (2001 and earlier).

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