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The following tools are available as FreeWare - but use at your own risk (i.e. I cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong while using my tools). I welcome feedback and suggestions for enhancements by e-mail - thanks in advance!

DrBob42 Skype Answering Machine
The August 2005 issue of The Delphi Magazine contains an article about Skype API Programming with Borland Delphi, including full source code for a Skype command/trace application, an autodialer (for use in an application About box for example), and an answering machine.
You can try the Skype answering machine for yourself by placing a call to Skype handle "drbob42" (with five different welcome messages).
For more information about Skype and Delphi, see my Skype Calls section.

DrBob42 WebSnap Custom Adapter Wizard
BobAdapt is a special WebSnap Custom Adapter source Generator, which is now available to try on-line, and as Wizard for Delphi 6-7 or Kylix 3. The tool is also mentioned - as BobSnap - on the Borland Community website.

IntraBob v5.1.0.42
My ISAPI Debugger for Delphi and C++Builder, with full support for the WebBroker Technology and Delphi 5 InternetExpress (with XML). See also the on-line book Delphi Internet Solutions, with chapters on CGI programming, featuring this CGI/WinCGI Tester and ISAPI Debugger.

ToDo Wizard v1.0
The default Delphi 5 ToDo Item Wizard generates {...} comments. However, I'd like to use {...} to put entire blocks of code in comments, and hence I was looking for a way to let the Add ToDo Item Wizard produce //-style comments.
In the end, I decide to make one of my own, which is now included on the Delphi Companion CD.

Required v7.1
REQUIRED lists every Delphi or C++Builder package required by the (command-line specified) package, scanning recursive required packages for additional dependencies as well. When calling REQUIRED without arguments, all packages in the current directory are analysed, and for each package all required packages are shown.
New is the option -q to run REQUIRED in quiet mode, without the need to press Enter to close the report (in case you redirect it to a file).

The following tools are still available but are no longer supported. You can still use them, of course, but I won't be making any updates or enhancements anymore...

HeadConv v4.20
This is my last version of the free C DLL header converter. For the past year and a half Project JEDI member Alan C. Moore has been working closely with me to reorganize the source code for HeadConv, using it for DARTH. That task is now complete. You may download DARTH from the DARTH homepage.
For more information about porting C APIs and C DLL header files, see my detailed article Using C DLLs with Delphi.

DrBob42 WebBroker Express
The DrBob42 package contains a new WebBroker component called TDrBobQueryTableProducer with an additional property QueryHTMLFile and a special TQueryHTMLFilePropertyEditor using a Wizard to generate an HTML Query Form which can be used as input webpage for the QueryTableProducer.
The package also contains custom InternetExpress components, such as the TWebCheckBox and TQueryCheckBox components, which introduce HTML checkbox controls to the Web Page Editor of Delphi 5 and InternetExpress. I've also included some special HTML Form Submit buttons.

TableBob v1.02
The TableBob Wizard will generate Delphi source code to re-generate a table (in Paradox format), and optionally copy one or more fields from all the records in the source table (Access, Paradox, dBASE, etc.) to the newly generated Paradox table. Version 1.02 is now also able to convert a table to HTML webpages!

Convert Delphi 4 to BCB/Delphi 3 forms
This is a handy utility to downgrade Delphi 4 forms to Delphi 3.x or C++Builder 3.
Convert Delphi 3 to BCB/Delphi 2 forms
This is a handy utility to downgrade Delphi 3 forms to Delphi 2.x or C++Builder.

Collection of Delphi/C++Builder Wizards v2.5
These Experts only work in Delphi 2, C++Builder and Delphi 3 (they have never been updated for later versions of Delphi or C++Builder). For more background information read the article How To Write Your Own Delphi/C++Builder Wizards.

Note: see Borland's CodeCentral for more examples of my available tools and source code projects.

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