7th Borland Developers Conference,
Anaheim, July 28-31, 1996

Last updated: 1998/01/01
The 7th Annual Borland Developers Conference in Anaheim showed Delphi '97 - with packages! If you've missed this chance to learn about the latest Delphi technology, don't worry, as I've written a small conference report with an overview of the news!
  • Paul Gross and DavidI in action at the BDC'96 opening keynote session:

    The following sessions were done by me in Anaheim:

  • Mon, July 29, 16:30-17:45
    DL350 - Delphi Efficiency: 32-bit Performance Optimisation
  • Tue, July 30, 08:00-09:15
    DL210 - Delphi Component Building
  • Tue, July 30, 12:30-13:15
    Birds-of-a-Feather - Delphi Experts and Triplex++ (with John Howe)
  • Tue, July 30, 16:30-17:45
    DL220 - Delphi Property and Component Editors

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