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2003/01/01 - CORBA Universe is frozen...
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As of 2003, the CORBA Universe section of Dr.Bob's website is frozen, and will no longer updated. I've moved my attention to SOAP - see Dr.Bob's SOAP Bubbles for more information...

2002/11/13 - Delphi 7 Architect/Enterprise CORBA Update
There's a Delphi 7 Enterprise/Architect CORBA Update available for download for registered Delphi 7 users only. This update resolves the following VisiBroker issues:

A readme file is available for more detailed information.

2001/10/24 - Kylix 2 Announced (and Kylix 1 Patches)
Borland has announced the new Kylix 2, with lots of new features, including DataSnap, WebSnap and BizSnap (XML/SOAP). Kylix 2 will be available in three editions: Kylix 2 Enterprise, Kylix 2 Professional and a Kylix 2 Open Edition (available later in Q4).
Kylix 2 Enterprise edition contains CORBA support with VisiBroker 4.5 for Kylix 2, and can also work with the Borland AppServer 4.5 and EJB/CORBA objects.

2001/10/08 - Dr.Bob Examines: VisiBroker 4 for Delphi 6
In this article, based on the VisiBroker 4 for Delphi 6 (CORBA) session at BorCon Europe, I'll show how to create a CORBA Server and CORBA Client (implementing a tic-tac-toe example) using VisiBroker 4 for Delphi 6 Enterprise, including the IDL2Pas Wizard.

2001/09/16 - VisiBroker 4 for Delphi 6 at BorCon Europe
Bob Swart will be performing his VisiBroker for Delphi 6 (CORBA) session at the Borland European Conference in London (Sept 17) and Noordwijkerhout (Sept 20) from 15:25-16:25.
This session is focused entirely on CORBA possibilities of Delphi 6, using the new VisiBroker 4 for Delphi 6. A solid introduction is followed by the design of a simple yet practical CORBA application implemented in Delphi Enterprise.

2001/07/10 - VisiBroker 4 for Delphi 6 at BorCon USA
Bob Swart will be performing his VisiBroker for Delphi 6 session at the 12th Borland Conference in Long Beach, CA (USA) on Tuesday, July 24th, in room 101B from 8:00-9:15 (early in the morning).
This intermediate level session covers CORBA programming techniques using VisiBroker for Delphi.

2001/06/09 - Delphi 6 Borland AppServer Integration
Delphi 6 News: Connect any Delphi 6 application or Web Service with Borland AppServer/EJBs using new SIDL (Simple IDL). Easily build ultra high-performance rich GUI Windows clients for EJB based AppServer applications. Publish AppServer EJB functionality to the world over Internet as industry standard SOAP/XML Web Services.

2001/05/08 - Borland VisiBroker for Delphi - Client and Server Development
Delphi 6 News: Build ultra-high performance rich GUI Windows and Web Browser clients for Visibroker CORBA and AppServer/EJB applications. And now in Delphi 6 build CORBA Visibroker server objects that are interoperable with any CORBA client or object in a heterogeneous IT environment.

2001/04/26 - VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5 - Server & Client Edition
Borland has just released the complete VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5 (with CORBA Client and CORBA Server support).
I've written two white papers about VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5, which have been published in PDF format, including a recent and detailed one which was based on an article for my monthly column in The Delphi Magazine

2001/03/18 - VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5 training Clinic
This friday, March 23rd, Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob) is organising the next Delphi 5 training Clinic (the last of this season) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The topic will be VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5 (Delphi 5 multi-tier development using CORBA and IDL-2-PAS).

Programming with VisiBroker

2000/03/05 - Book Review: Programming with VisiBroker
The second edition of Programming with VisiBroker (A Developer's Guide to VisiBroker for Java) is now available from (with a 20% discount) and
New topics covered in this edition include migrating VisiBroker 3 to version 4 (for Java); the Portable Object Adaptor; implementing the Objects by Value feature; the VisiBroker Interface Repository; Dynamic Programming APIs for use with scripting; etc.

A detailed review is now available on this website!

The Delphi Magazine #67 2001 March - The Delphi Magazine #67
My latest "Under Construction" column in the March issue (#67) of The (real) Delphi Magazine is again about the upcoming VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5. In this article, I continue my discussion of the new version of VisiBroker for Delphi, this month covering support for special type constructs and CORBA callbacks.

2001/02/26 - Review: Java Enterprise CD Bookshelf
O'Reilly has done it again: The Java Enterprise CD Bookshelf contains a powerhouse of books from O'Reilly (one print and seven electronic): both electronic and print versions of Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, plus electronic versions of Java in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition; Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell; Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition; Java Servlet Programming; Java Security; and Java Distributed Computing.
Available from (with a 20% discount) and (with a 9% discount), and now reviewed in detail on this website!

2001/02/14 - Borland Enterprise Studio Java Edition
Borland just announced the release of Borland Enterprise Studio Java Edition. Borland Enterprise Studio Java Edition consists of the following leading technologies:

2001/02/12 - JBuilder, AppCenter and VisiBroker
JBuilder, AppCenter and VisiBroker were nominated as finalists in three out of six categories in the Software Development Magazine's JOLT Awards.

The Delphi Magazine #66 2001 February - The Delphi Magazine #66
My latest "Under Construction" column in the February issue (#66) of The (real) Delphi Magazine is about the upcoming VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5. In this article, I'll explain the goodies available in the latest version of Borland's tool for making CORBA applications easier for Delphi developers, including a new and much improved IDL2Pas.

2000/12/21 - VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5
John Kaster of Borland Developer Relations has just revealed that Borland is planning to release full VisiBroker 3.3 support for Delphi 5 (both CORBA Server and CORBA Client development - including an IDL2PAS), before Delphi 6 ships.
Some people have even demonstrated the technology at Borland Conferences around the world, like my own session about a prerelease of VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5 at the Inprise UK Conference last September.
As with all their products, it will ship when it's ready. We'll be detailing where and how you can get it and what it will cost as we get closer to a release date.

2000/12/15 - Borland Application Server 4.5
Borland has announced version 4.5 of the Borland Application Server, integrating CORBA (VisiBroker for Java) and EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans).
Borland AppServer 4.5 has passed the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.2.1 Compatibility Test Suite from Sun.

2000/12/11 - Managing transactions
In this white paper on Borland's CORBA Community website, recent trends in transactional requirements for distributed object applications are discussed.

2000/12/06 - VisiBroker Gatekeeper
A detailed white paper written by Borland Staff about the VisiBroker Gatekeeper is available on the CORBA Section of the Borland Community website. This article shows how VisiBroker Gatekeeper frees your application to extend beyond your firewall while maintaining the integrity and security of your network.

Professional Linux Programming

2000 December - Professional Linux Programming
The CORBA book of the month December is a new multi-author book from WROX Press (available from and with a 20% discount) about Professional Linux Programming: Databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LDAP, security, device drivers, GTK+, GNOME, Glade, GUI, KDE, Qt, Python, PHP, RPC, diskless systems, multimedia, internationalization, CORBA, PAM, RPM, CVS, Flex, Bison, Beowulf, Clustering, ORBit, MPI, PVM, and XML. Wow, the list of topics is even longer than the list of authors this time!

CORBA 3 Fundamentals and Programming

2000 November - CORBA 3 Fundamentals and Programming, 2nd
The CORBA book of the month November is CORBA 3 Fundamentals and Programming, second edition (available from and with a 20% discount) offers a complete tour of CORBA, from Interface Definition Language (IDL), Object Request Brokers (ORBs), Portable Object Adapters (POAs), and CORBA services, to an overview of the new CORBA domain-specific business objects.
Examples of IDL language mappings include Java, C++ and even COBOL (and this includes case studies and example code throughout the book).

Oracle8i Java Component Programming with EJB, CORBA and JSP

2000 October - Oracle8i Java Component Programming with EJB, CORBA and JSP
The CORBA book of the month October is Oracle8i Java Component Programming with EJB, CORBA and JSP. This book covers two of the most popular server-side component models: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) with topics that include lots of details on generating Java Server Pages (JSP) with Java Servlets.
Recommended for any Java developer (using JBuilder or any other Java development environment) using Oracle8i.

2000 September - VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5
My session at the 6th Annual Inprise UK Conference in London, will be about Delphi 5 Enterprise support for CORBA, including a demonstration of a new unreleased version of VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5.

2000 August - Oracle Application Server and Oracle8i
You would assume two complementing products of the same supplier, released during the same period, to be installation compatible. However, when installing the Oracle Application Server (I tried it in version next to Oracle 8i (v 8.1.5), a number of problems can occur.
Read Dave's findings (including some Java tips) and save yourself some valuable time...

2000 July - Oracle8i's ORB does the trick
An article on JavaWorld July 2000, providing an overview of developing server-side Java CORBA applications using Oracle8i JVM and ORB.

2000 June - CORBA Community
The Borland Community website now has a complete new section on CORBA Programming.

VisiBroker 4 for Java
Inprise announced VisiBroker for Java 4.0, the Linux version of its CORBA ORB.
VisiBroker for Java and VisiBroker for C++ are technology leaders in implementing the latest OMG CORBA specifications. Continuing this leadership, VisiBroker 4 now provides full support for CORBA 2.3, including:

Hubert A. Klein Ikkink (aka Mr.Haki) has written an article about the installation of VisiBroker 4 on Linux.

VisiBroker 4 for C++Builder 5
C++Builder 5 Enterprise comes with VisiBroker 4 for your CORBA work. Unfortunately, I found out (the hard way!) that VisiBroker 4 is not backwards compatible with VisiBroker 3.3 - it breaks your existing CORBA servers and clients (especially when written in Delphi 5, which relies on VisiBroker 3.3).
This may not be an issue for you, but I had to re-install VisiBroker 3.3 and VisiBroker for Delphi 5 again to get things back to work again...

VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi 5
VisiBroker for Delphi has been made available for free download. This tool implements the OMG CORBA specs for Delphi developers, and contains an IDL2PAS, among others.
The Delphi Magazine #54 contains a detailed article about this addition to Delphi 5 Enterprise!

The Official VisiBroker for Java Handbook Some other CORBA technical papers available on my website:
C++Builder 4 and CORBA Exceptions
CORBA and C++Builder 4
CORBA and C++Builder 3
CORBA with Delphi 5
CORBA with Delphi (OAD)
CORBA with JBuilder 3.5
CORBA with JBuilder 3

CORBA Book Reviews (six titles)

CORBA stands for Common Object Request Broker Architecture, and is an object-oriented communication architecture between a client and a server. Communication is handled by the ORB (Object Request Broker) and IIOP (Internet InterORB Protocol). Using IDL (Interface Definition Language) we can specify objects with methods and properties. Methods are like functions that can be called by the client, and will be implemented (serviced) by the server. In order to do so, the IDL file must be compiled. This results in stub code for the client (so we can invoke the methods without worrying about the underlying communication) and skeleton code for the server (which is the basis for our communication on the server side). We'll explain that CORBA is both platform and language independent. This can only work if the parameters and return types of the methods are transported over the network in a portable format. Conversion from a native type to a portable IDL type is called marshalling, while conversion back to a native platform/language type is called unmarshalling.

CORBA training sessions by Dr.Bob & Mr.Haki:
Dr.Bob & Mr.Haki present
for Delphi and JBuilder

This day is focused entirely on CORBA, especially on CORBA support and implementation details found in Borland Delphi and JBuilder. A solid introduction is followed by the design of a practical real-world CORBA application implemented in Delphi 5 Enterprise and JBuilder 3.5 Enterprise. The CORBA application is a (multi-user) electronic personal Diary, that can be used to check other people's diaries, make appointments, etc. Especially handy in corporate environments where clients are not always working in the same (physical) office. We'll implement the CORBA Server in Delphi, followed by a CORBA Client in Java, another Server in Java and finally a CORBA Client in Delphi that talks with both CORBA Servers, using two portable computers (running WinNT4 and Linux) connected to each other (one with Delphi on WinNT, another with JBuilder on Linux).

Keywords: Delphi, JBuilder, CORBA, IDL, Client Stubs, Server Skeletons, Type Library, ObjectPascal, Java, N-Tier, IDL-2-Java, IDL-2-PAS, Distributed Internet Applications

No prior knowledge of CORBA is required, but some ObjectPascal and/or Java knowledge is welcome. An in-depth technical paper, including full source code, will be given to all attendees of this Clinic.

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